Batignolles Horizontal OR Totally PM

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  1. which one would you girls go for Batignolles Horizontal OR Totally PM ??
  2. I love both of those bags. I think the BH is a bit cuter than the totally, more fun looking, but the top is open. For functionality purposes I think the totally pm is a better bag, simply becuase it zips on top. I like the idea of the Totally for days when I'm running around with my kids and need to carry a lot of stuff, and the BH for days when I don't need to carry as much of their stuff, and I'm looking for something more fun. I think they're both great everyday bags, they just serve two different purposes I believe. Hope this helps a bit, Good Luck with your decision!
  3. bh!

  4. thanks soo much i am momy also i have a daughter and planing on baby #2:biggrin: and this will be my first LV bag and your respond was right on the money , thanks again :biggrin: i do like the BH a lot though like you said it is soo cute .
  5. BH - it has a bit more flair imo!
  6. BH for me!!! but if you really wanted it get the totally mm
  7. Of the two, I prefer the BH!
  8. bh
  9. That's a tough one. I think I like them about the same. But lately I'm thinking the Totally is really great as I almost never see them and they look kind of unassuming. The BH is more sophisticated and formal. GLD!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  10. Bh
  11. bh
  12. I love my BH! Each of my daughters has one too. It's a wonderful bag!
  13. I prefer the BH over the Totally because it looks prettier, IMHO. For me, I'd go for a BV because it looks sleeker.
  14. i just got the BH and it is one of the best bags to's comfortable, looks good, and fits a lot...and i love how it stands on it's own when you put it down...if you're going to get the totally instead get the MM, the PM is pretty small imo
  15. I prefer the BH to the Totally as well.