Batignolles Horizontal or Palermo PM, please help me choose...

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Please pick one: Batignolles Horizontal or Palermo PM

  1. Batignolles Horizontal

  2. Palermo PM

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I can't decide which one between these two monogram bags is better to use for daily just strickly for work (besides my Chanel Black Caviar GST). I have different bags for evenings and on weekends. Please give me your opinions since I like both equally but I do not need both. Thanks!!!
  2. That's a tough choice. I think either way you go it's good. But I chose BH. GLD!
  3. between the 2 I picked the palermo. But my favorite LV shoulder bag is the galliera.
  4. I voted for Batignolles Horizontal - it's lightweight, carries a lot and goes with work/casual clothes. GL deciding and post pics.
  5. BH is a good versatile bag.
  6. Bh!!!!!!!!!!!;););)
  7. I love my BH. And like Beljwl I also love the galliera.
  8. BH!! I love mine!
  9. I love love love my BH!!!
  10. Here is another vote for the BH. :yes:
  11. I think the Palermo makes a great everyday bag. I only like the BH as a work tote. So, the Palermo gets my vote.
  12. Palermo for sure!
  13. I just went through this a few weeks ago. The BH was one of the one's I looked at when I was choosing my next LV. It was a nice bag and all but I just fell in love with the Palermo PM in person. It's such a beautiful and versatile bag, in that it can be carried so many different ways since it comes with the strap and I loved that it zipped closed. Plus I LOVE the zipper pull, its almost like getting a free bag charm. My vote is PALMERO PM all the way!!!!
  14. Bh
  15. I love Palermo, but BH is more efficient for an everyday use.