Batignolles Horizontal or Musette tango?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I can't decide between the Musette Tango with the long strap or the Batignolles HV.
    I love the Batignolles HV, but I am concerned that since it doesn't have a zipper and that my stuff might fall out.
    The Musette Tango looks nice, but I want a bag that has alot of room.
    What do you think would be the best choice?
  2. Bh!!!
  3. I say the Mussette.It has the flap and you could put it across your shoulders.Hope that helps!
  4. BH~ it is roomy and I tends to like shoulder bag than cross shoulder.
  5. I have the long strap tago and love it for when I want to be hands free, because I can wear it across my body. However, it doesn't have nearly as much room as the BH.
  6. I like the BH, but if you want something big with a zipper, you may want to consider a cabas mezzo?
  7. Bh!!
  8. BH, it has far more room and the open top is not as big of an issue as many people think. If you can go into a store and try one on, put some stuff in it and lay it on its side, move it around, etc. The bag is designed quite well and items typically stay put!
  9. BH! Everything about that bag is gorgeous!
  10. nothing has fallen out of my bh, knock wood
  11. I like BH better.
  12. BH gets my vote.
  13. I agree!
  14. Bh!!!!
  15. Bh all the way!