Batignolles Horizontal or Mono Lockit?


Which would you choose?

  1. Batignolles Horizontal

  2. Mono Lockit

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  1. Which one would you choose? They are almost the same size and price. $815 vs $890. Lockit will be available on Aug.1.
    :P :P :P
  2. BH would be more comfy on the shoulder. So it depends on if you want a shoulder bag or not. Also the BH has no vachetta on the bottom to take care of.

    I kinda want both of these bags though.
  3. The lockit in mono isn't really doing anything for me, so BH
  4. I thought Lockit Horizontal is a shoulder bag too. two more weeks to see it in person.:yahoo:
  5. BH hands down!!
  6. Well, you know I'm going to say the Lockit Bag!!! I'm not sure if you can fit it on your shoulder but I thought the SA said you could. There is also the Lockit Vertical and a smaller Lockit too. It's also comes with a great looking lock on the side and a key clochette.
  7. I saw your white bag on display in store. Beautiful. :love: There is a waiting list for that bag.
  8. Batignolles Horizontal is better but I also like the Batignolles vertical shoulder bag.:yes:
  9. Agree that the BH is better as it is a shoulder bag but are you a shoulder bag girl? The Mono Lockit is a good one as well.
  10. The BH is my new monogram fave, so I'mma have to go with that.
  11. I prefer the uni coloured lockit, so go BH !
  12. I like them both so I am not going to be much help at all.
  13. The straps on the BH are barely large enough to be a shoulder bag, the Lockit's look a bit too short. Have to wait and see. I do like the leaf-shaped handle tabs on the Lockit though...and of course the lock. I've been trying to figure out where on the BH I could put my Speedy lock, just because I miss having it around.
  14. i don't like the shape of the Lockit. it looks like an Alma gone wrong.

    i say the Batignolles Horizontal :yes:!
  15. Personally I like the shape of the lockit. i can't wait to see it in person. ^_^