Batignolles Horizontal or Cabas Piano?


Which one to get?

  1. Batignolles Horizontal

  2. Cabas Piano

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  1. I plan to buy a medium size shoulder bag for work and weekend next month. I have been in love with BH for a while but recently have fallen in love with Cabas Piano as well. I like the zipper top on Cabas Piano and the canvas botton of BH.:heart:

    I can only buy one now. Which one should I get?
  2. BH!!!:yes: :heart:
  3. BH Baby!
  4. BH! It doesn't have a leather bottom so you wont have to worry as much about it!
  5. BH....the piano is smaller and the leather bottom is my BH, got it the first week it came out!
  6. BH for me!
  7. Definitely the vachetta bottom to worry about!!
  8. Yes Bh!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. BH :yahoo:
  10. Definitely the BH. I was always digging for things in my Piano (too small) and one unexpected rainstorm ruined the leather. I bought the BH to replace it and love it.….perfect for work and travel!
  11. I have always drooled over the BH. BUT when it came down to purchasing I went out on a limb and have a Piano on its way. It might be getting exchanged, however.
  12. BH! I don't have any bags with a vachetta bottom and I imagine you'd have to be super careful in not getting it stained or dirty. With the BH you wouldn't have to worry as much.
  13. Thank you all girls. BH it is then!:yahoo:
  14. All of you nice folks are so knowlegeable about LV, I've felt like such a 'newbie' to Vuitton bags, but finally here's one I can put my 2cents in on:

    I have a Cabas Piano and here's what I have found to be the positives and negatives:
    + gorgeous bag
    + great bag, lays nicely against you when it's over your shoulder.
    + zips up, so your things don't go flying out if you turn a corner too fast in the car. I loved the zipper and always kept the bag zipped.
    + truly a great medium sized bag, holds a makeup bag, wallet, bottle of water, agenda, and a few other things nicely. For awhile I used it for a 'sippy cup and extra diaper' bag along with my stuff and it worked great.
    + nice inside pockets. I stayed more organized.

    - the bottom must be treated very carefully. WOW, it can be a stinker. The Cabas Piano was my first LV and I had no idea how easily the vachetta leather would stain. Public restrooms are your worst nightmare, as are movies, restaurants, etc. You never want to sit it on the floor, sink area, etc in those types of places. But, most stains will blend in once a nice patina sets in, and it is just gorgeous. I love the little triangles of leather that wrap up on the side.

    I can't comment on the BH, but I think that is a gorgeous bag and I've been drooling over it lately! Hope this helps.

    Texas Gal
  15. Batignolles friend just went through the same dilemma when I bought her the bag, because she wanted a zipper but she LOVED the BH cause it was a canvas bottom instead of vachetta!