Batignolles Horizontal -> is it worth it?

  1. I would like to know your thoughts etc about batignolles horizontal.. I need some bag where a4 papers fit this a good choice?
  2. Great choice! I love mine, and I think that it's one of the best bags for the $, as the price is pretty low compared to other LVs of a similar size!
  3. i think the BH is a great choice. the bottom is not vachetta so much less maintenance than other mono shoulder bags (i.e. the mezzo, cabas piano, LH, etc.)'s really roomy, and i heard it's very comfy on the shoulder. there's some thing going around about how it frays, and my SA last night told me he didn't recommend it, but i have no idea what's going on with that. if you really want to hear ALL previously said opinions on the BH (and there is a TON on tpf considering the tremendous popularity of BH here), do a search! it'll be all the help you need in deciding. that's what i did! :yes:
  4. i love the bh! its on my list for bags to try on!
    it is very roomy, and looks great!
  5. I think BH is a good deal.
  6. I prefer the Vertical, but the Horizontal is probably better for holding papers.

    What does a4 mean?
  7. YES YES YES, I was going to get this instead of my mini lin but i'm on a very tight budget right now with redoing my bathroom. I will get this bag though.. I miss my piano and this will replace it. I just had my noe up for sale and was hoping that it would go so that i had a head start on the BH.

    Be sure to share pic's with us when you get yours.
  8. The BH is a very functional bag... I hope you get it!
  9. it's totally worth it. i bring it with me when i travel, because it's big enough to fit everything i need
  10. I got the BH because it is the largest bag you can get at LV for the price. I often stick file folders and books in them when I don't want or need to carry a separate work tote. I've had mine for little over half a year and it seems to be holding up pretty well although I noticed that the hardware on mine has chipped a lot.

    Also, I have a 1 year old daughter and it holds all of her things like diapers, change of clothing, toys, shoes, etc.

    I have quite a bit of junk in mine: wallet, pochette accessories with stuff, separate make up bag, small agenda, digi camera and my ipod video in the zipped pouch. Even with the mess it is easy to find things and it is comfortable to wear. It is def. my favorite, most used, and most functional LV bag!

  11. Oh I should have bought the BH instead of the Mezzo:cursing:
    The only reason I went for the Mezzo is that it has a ZIP................Oh stupid me.
  12. BH is a great bag. It can hold letter sized paper but not legal.
  13. A4 is standard size, right?
  14. im thinking of buying it for school bag as well~!!
  15. i :heart: mine!!!!