BATIGNOLLES HORIZONTAL important questions

  1. Bonjour, I've just sold my CABAS MEZZO because I found it too large, now I'm looking towards the BH but I would like to know (for girls who bought it) :

    - what's about the large opening and robbers ?
    - can you put a purseket inside which won't move (I don't like the mess)
    - I'm 5,7 and 130 pounds (I had a look to all your pictures in situation but I'm afraid to be ridiculous because of the large bottom). Thanks to give my advices.
  2. Yes you can put a purseket in there *use a large*, if you're worried about robbers perhaps use a pochette for you wallet or valuables. This way you can attach it to the bag. Or just be sure to put your wallet if its a later on on the bottom of the bag and other things on top.
    Perhaps get into the habit of carrying a light sweater with you to put on the top of your things.
  3. No one can get into your purse while it's on you. It does not gape open. Under your arm it naturally closes, especially if you use the little close thingy.

    I'm not sure what your apprehension is about your size compared to it's size{?}
  4. I'm only 5'2" and I don't feel it looks too big on me. You're even taller, so I think the size would be fine. When I carry it on my shoulder, it's held closed by my arm, so I never feel that it's so open that someone could reach in and take something out. It's a great bag, and I love it!
  5. I'm 5'2" too and I don't have a problem with its size; I only wish that it were BIGGER with more "horizontal" capacity! lol I use it for school and some notebooks don't fit comfortably in there, so i had to buy smaller/thinner ones to accomodate;s a good bag, nice size, and i was kinda surprized by it's sturdiness cuz I thought the handles would break off if I load it with too much stuff, but so far so good.
    NB: I saw a girl with a mono horizontal lockit at school.....looked really BAD....sorry, the shape just looks like a "fake alma" to me.....
  6. There really is no way someone could get into it while it is on your shoulder unless there were super close (entirely too close for comfort imo!) to you. I am 5 '4 and 130 lbs and the bag looked ridiculous on me. I looked like I was carrying my mother's purse if you know what I mean. It stuck out waaaaaaaay too much in front and behind me (TOO horizontal for my taste) so I sent it back. But it is a gorgeous bag!
  7. ^ooh weird! LOL!

    I'm 5'2" and about 125 lbs and I think it look just rigt on me!
    It's a nice, big, roomy bag!:yes:
  8. I used to wear my BH just fine...Im almost 5'7 and 120 pounds..Looked great to me..No probs.
  9. I tried one on in the store and I'm 5'5 and it looked great. As for the large opening...I was initially worried (I ended up with a BV) but there is a little latch hook you can close...and a pochette is great to attach to the inner D-ring. can get a purseket for it.
  10. I think your height is more than perfect for the BH! You'll LOVE it! It also has the hook type closure on top so the bag doesn't stay wide open. And YES, you can definitely use a Purseket in it to keep everything looking neat and organized. I decided to use a Large with my BH:

  11. Is that the large purseket, and what color is that ?
  12. Yes, I decided to go with a Large for the BH. This color/print is called "Gold" I think. It's pretty, but I wish it was BRIGHTER. I love bright colors against the beautiful brown of the Monogram bags!:yes:
  13. ^^It looks great in there. Are you liking the large better then the med?
  14. I agree..there isn't enough space for anyone to get into it while it's clipped closed and on your shoulder. Also, I'm 5'2 and have never had a problem with either the BH or the Mezzo in terms of being too big. :smile:
  15. I DO like the Large much better. The size is so much more adequate for the size of the BH. It overlaps a little which only adds more stability to it (the Medium kept collapsing and bending/moving out of place because it was too LOOSE in the bag). The only minor con is that I don't have access to the cell phone pocket or to the Zipped pocket, but with all the pockets in the Purseket, I really don't need the bag's pockets!:smile: