Batignolles Horizontal for work?

  1. Okay I've never been a fan of the BH but now all of a sudden when I look into inexpensive options for a work bag I think it may be the one. I went to the store and tried it on and I ended up really liking it!

    I want to know do any of you use it as a work bag? I need to be able to carry a 1" binder, my 8 1/2 x 11 portfolio, an agenda, my wallet, sunglasses, pencil case. I'm not worried about the small stuff fitting in but I do worry about the binder and portfolio. It seems that when I do searches that most of you use it as an everyday bag, but not really for work stuff. Is it because the folded sides get in the way? I know you can unstrap the leather on the side so it doesn't fold but I don't really like how that looks.

    I'm not interested in any of the bigger bags like the Cabas or the lockit horizontal because of the vachetta bottoms and the Passy is beautiful but too much $$$ for a work bag.
  2. I think it is a PERFECT work bag!!!! I have one and I love it.
  3. I think the BH would be a great work bag. Go for it! :tup:
  4. You think it would fit the binder and portfolio? I'm worried because the dimensions say it is only 9 inches in height.
  5. It's an amazing work bag! I'm not sure about the binder and whether if it sticks out a bit if that is an issue for you but hopefully you could try one on and bring your things to test it?
  6. it would be the perfect bag :smile:
  7. I think your binder and portfolio will fit. My son's girlfriend just purchased this bag and I am constantly amazed at what she can fit into it.
  8. I think its a perfect work bag. If I am going to work, I would definitely purchase the BH instead of the B
  9. I just sold my BH and to be honest it was a great bag for just carrying everyday. The only problem I have with that purse is the open top. If I hit the brakes in the car too fast... crash, purse went flying over and everything on the floor. If the kids knocked it off the table (my purses never sit on the floor) then again... everything on the floor. Same thing w/ my work station. It just got to be too much and I just sold it and bought a Lockit. That would be really the only complaint and for me it was too much. Other than that I really do like the look of the purse and the lines of it.
  10. It's a great choice for what you need it for ... maybe when you go to the boutique you can bring your binder to see if it'll fit, just to be sure?
  11. I as well think it is a great choice!!
  12. Using my dentelle bh for work today,,, fabulous fabulous day bag,,, I would def highly recommend it. But, not sure that I would put a binder in mine... that seems too wear and tearish for my baby....:heart:
  13. I think it would be the PERFECT work bag!
  14. I used it as a Diaper Bag and it was great. I think it would be great for work also.