Batignolles Horizontal dimension question....

  1. I have been looking at BH's on eBay and I am confused about the dimensions. LV's site lists the size as 15.3" x 9" x 5.5", and I see some on eBay that are that size. However, I also see a few that claim to be BH's and look authentic, but say the dim. is 13.4" x 10" x 5.4". This doesn't match up to either the BH or the BV dim. on the LV site. Did the size of the BH change somewhere along the way?:confused1:

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. the BV is 13.4 x10 x5.4 according to
    but yet those are the measurements from xlux for the bh.. LOL too funny.

    give me 5 and i'll measure my bag.
  3. this is the bh 15.3" x 9" x 5.5" according to my bag.
  4. Thanks Bag Fetish, but I've got LV open on my computer and it says that the BV is 13.4 x 11.8 x 5.5.

    I'll wait for your measurement!

  5. Thanks so much BF! I appreciate having someone actually measure it.
  6. Np. the measurements on are the correct ones,

  7. The BV - isn't the horizontal - it's the vertical. That's why the dimension is different. It's two separate bags.
  8. No kidding,:shrugs: and the measurements on elux are different then the measurements the

    BH on elux is 13.4" x 10" x 5.4"
    on vuitton .com 15.3x 9.9 x5.5

    the bv in elux is 12.5"x 11.8"x 5.4"
    on vuitton .com 13.4x 11.8x5.5
  9. How weird that it would be wrong on Elux. I know my horizontal is bigger than that. Another reason why I steer clear of Eluxury. LOL!
  10. I realize that the BV and the BH are two separate bags, I was just confused by the dimensions and the inconsistency I was finding. So, I would assume that the dims on LV are the correct ones??? Especially since Bag Fetish confirmed by an actual measurement.
  11. I just measure my BH and is 15.4 x10 x 5.5
    The measurements can vary a little depending how you are measuring it.