Batignolles Horizontal: Any pics?

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  1. Does anyone have any pics of themselves actually wearing their Batignolles Horizontal? I did a search, and couldn't locate any. Trying to get a feel for how large it is/how it looks on. I'm terrible with visualizing bags with just measurements. Thanks!
  2. Hope this helps.

  3. Rebecca! I was totally thinking about you when I read this thread earlier. I was going to message you on Myspace and tell you to post your pic but, I guess you beat me. Hee hee.
  4. LVbaby is that you? Love your pink shoes! You're so cute!
  5. Yay, Disneyland!! I'm going there next Fri! And that LV looks good on you LVbabydoll!
  6. That bag looks great on you! It makes me want one now even more.
  7. I'm buying that bag next week!!! I am so excited!!
  8. LVBabydoll!! Thank you so much, that is just what I was looking for.
    Oh man, guess what I'm buying today. Hee-hee.
  9. What a coincidence, I just ordered one a few minutes ago. :smile: It looks great in the pic & now I really can't wait to get it!
  10. Great picture LVbabydoll! I love that place :lol:
  11. I'm liking it more and more after pics!
  12. Havn't posted my picture before...kinda shy :love: hope this helps [​IMG]
  13. dammit, i really want this bag! lol, it never stops...i'm a full-fledged LV addict, first my speedy 25, then the vernis agenda, then the vintage babylone i just bought from a forum member, now i really want one of these! the horizontal would be a good addition to the collection...a handbag, a big tote, a small leather piece, and now i need a shoulder bag! oh god...
  14. Lol hehe ya that's me. Thanks you guys! I know it helps to have pictures of certain bags on people so you can get an idea of what it looks like. Glad I could help :smile:
  15. LVBabydoll, you are so pretty! The pictures totally help-I have an LV store nearby, but I hate returning things, I just sit and research, research, research until I am 100% sure I want something. Your pic was the clincher, I'm buying one on Friday.

    Andreax716 thanks for the pic! The more pics I see of this bag actually being worn, the more I love it. You are darling, I dunno why you're shy.

    I NEED this bag like a hole in the head.
    My husband is sitting on the couch shaking his head. :biggrin: