Batignolles Horizontal: Any pics?


Feb 21, 2006
Does anyone have any pics of themselves actually wearing their Batignolles Horizontal? I did a search, and couldn't locate any. Trying to get a feel for how large it is/how it looks on. I'm terrible with visualizing bags with just measurements. Thanks!
Hope this helps.

Rebecca! I was totally thinking about you when I read this thread earlier. I was going to message you on Myspace and tell you to post your pic but, I guess you beat me. Hee hee.
dammit, i really want this bag! lol, it never stops...i'm a full-fledged LV addict, first my speedy 25, then the vernis agenda, then the vintage babylone i just bought from a forum member, now i really want one of these! the horizontal would be a good addition to the collection...a handbag, a big tote, a small leather piece, and now i need a shoulder bag! oh god...
LVBabydoll, you are so pretty! The pictures totally help-I have an LV store nearby, but I hate returning things, I just sit and research, research, research until I am 100% sure I want something. Your pic was the clincher, I'm buying one on Friday.

Andreax716 thanks for the pic! The more pics I see of this bag actually being worn, the more I love it. You are darling, I dunno why you're shy.

I NEED this bag like a hole in the head.
My husband is sitting on the couch shaking his head. :biggrin: