Batignolles Horizantal will be MINE!!!!

  1. :yahoo:

    Wonderful bf went to LV in Leeds UK today... asked me what I wanted. He was on the phone with me as he was in the store and I kept asking him if they had stuff... I decided I wanted something in the classic LV monogram, as it would never go out of style! I had him ask the SA for a bunch of stuff and we finally decided on the Batignolles Horizantal! The regular one was a bit too small I thought, and I'm only 5' tall, so we decided the Horizantal would be my best bet as I prefer bigger bags.

    He'll be mailing it to me tomorrow!!! :yahoo: :heart:

    For you ladies who have it, what's it like, is it comfy, pretty, durable and importantly, do you get lotsa compliments on it? :graucho:

    I'm soooo excited, can't wait to hold my new baby in my arms! :drool: :wlae: :love:
  2. congrats! I don't own one, but it seems like a fabulous bag!
  3. It's always exciting to get a new bag!!! :nuts:

  4. Thank you! Now I'm planning on how to decorate it... as in accesorize it with a pretty scarf ....Wonder which color scarf would look good with it.
  5. etoile red! or LVOE scarf!

  6. Awesome choice in bags.. Congrat's
  7. SWEEET BF!!! bh is a classic! congrats!
  8. congrats! it's a wonderfully functional bag for everyday use... i had one, but sold it in order to get another bag. but now i really miss it, so i may end up buying it again eventually... the irony is, i sold it because it was too big for my needs at the time... but now i feel like i need a bigger tote to carry all my stuff this summer! lol
  9. I agree bigger is better coz then you know you haven't forgotten anything, you know its in there somewhere! :biggrin:
  10. I have it and love it! You will really love it, its so handy and useful for everyday, yet being LV still looks great for nice things as well.
  11. I *love* this bag! It's very lightweight and roomy, and even at capacity it's still comfortable to carry. :yes:
  12. Congratulations!!
  13. Congrats!!!
  14. Thank you! Just waiting for the day when I get it! :love:
  15. i :heart: bh