Batignolles H & V prices in hongkong

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  1. Help all you ladies from HK, im planning to get either a BH or a BV can you pls let me know how much these are in HK....i will be going there Nov so im debating if I should buy it here (philippines) or in HK...Thanks:love:
  2. i will let you know when i come back here in mla. I'll go to HK this wkend and I'm gonna stay at the peninsula.:shame: .there's an Lv store there. i will check it out..:yes:
  3. can you also check on the price of the popincourt haut
  4. thanks!!!:flowers:
  5. lol.. can you check the jasmin and malibu street too?? :sweatdrop:
  6. actually it's ok, i was just kidding!!!
  7. You mean Batignolles Horizontal & Vertical?
  8. yup:yes:
  9. Hey! Just called to their hotline, their price are the same .....HK$6450 (about US$829.347)
  10. wow! thanks...a lot cheaper than here:yahoo: guess i will wait & buy it when i go HK
  11. Good luck! When will you come? I hope they will not mark up the price soon.
  12. I just called a HK store and they said that LV had a price increase in August and they arent expecting another increase this year. So hopefully it'll stay true!
  13. hopefully end of November:love: