Batignolles H straps (or any LV shoulder straps) question

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  1. Hello

    Im still contemplating what should be my first proper LV purchase and I was looking at the small poppincourt and I just saw the Batignolles H, which looks really unique.

    I was wondering if anyone who owns this has a problem with one shoulder strap falling off their shoulder. Im only asking this as most of my shoulder bags that I have and use for ages, after a year or so, sometimes one strap falls down my shoulder and the other remains on my shoulder so Im forever pulling the strap back over. Just didnt want to save up alot of money for my first purchase for this to eventually happen.

    Id love your advice

  2. That is what I like about the Bat H. It stays in place great on me. I almost forget I am wearing it. I highly recommend it.
  3. Thanks Selena, Ive never known a bag strap to stay in place before, so it must be special :biggrin:
  4. Plus it looks really cute when you tie a LV bandeau on the side straps!..I love mine all over again!Using it right now!
  5. I have a monogram cabas piano bag and its never an issue, even in the winter with a jacket on its fits well and stays put.

  6. For me, one strap always falls off for both the Cabas Piano and Batignolles H. But it's not different than any other 2 shoulder strapped bags I've had in the past. Batig definitely stays on better than the Piano(which falls off quite a bit) though. But I'm not too bothered by it as I'm still wearing it everyday (BH)!
  7. I like the popacourt.
  8. Thank you so much everyone. Your opinions are very helpful :biggrin:
  9. I tried on about 2 dozen bags, all the Gucci straps fell and the BH did not. I wear mine everyday and it never falls :biggrin:
  10. Like Bunny, I too am looking at getting a LV shoulder bag, the BH or the PH. For those of you that have the BH, do you have any pix of it on your shoulder? I'm thinking it might be a little too big, but am not quite sure. Thanks
  11. The popincourt has adjustable straps as well, another bonus! And I've never had an issue with straps falling down.
  12. I have the BH which I love!! I have had it for a few weeks and I do have the problem with the strap falling down. It really isn't that big of an issue though because I figure for most shoulder bags that would be the issue. I still love it though!!!
  13. I don't have a BH but I have the same problem with shoulder straps. They NEVER stay up for me....I think i must have small shoulders or something...very frustrating!
  14. I have the BH and am using it for the first time today (even though I've owned it for a month).
    No problem at all with the straps. I usually only have problems keeping rounded straps on my shoulder. These are flat and they stay put quite nicely!
  15. The BH is extremely comfortable.
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