Batignolles: Decrease in Price?

  1. Hello!

    I am new to the forums, and please forgive me if I am making a new thread when this subject has already been discussed, but I did try to do a search and did not find anything relevant. :angel:

    I purchased an LV Batignolles (Horizontal) last year for $815, and I just saw the bag on for $710. :blink:

    Does anyone here know enough about the pricing to know why the prices are sometimes decreased for certain styles?

    I am somewhat disappointed that mine has seemingly lost retail value, but since I don't plan on reselling any time soon, I am fine for now. However, I am still very curious about why the price dropped! :shrugs:

    Thank you for your help in advance! :flowers:
  2. hi and welcome to tpf!!! all the batignolles have dropped in price (reg, vert. and horizontal). i asked my sa why, and she said she didn't know. don't be sad that you paid a little more...think of it this way, you have had and used it all this time already, and isn't that worth a little bit more? :winkiss:
  3. When did this price drop occur? Just wondering....
  4. yeah, they decreased the price a little over a month ago right? I don't know why
  5. I don't know why either but I like that policy!
  6. I don't like the fact that they dropped the price(speaking as someone who bought one last year). If I didn't already pay more I would like the price drop, but from where I sit it isn't fair
  7. ITA but the prices of the Batignolles were a little steep though.
  8. I bought my Vert the first week of January and the price dropped like 2 weeks later -- close enough that I would have returned it and repurchased it but I had already apple-garded :sad:
  9. ya, I also bought mine last year for the US equivalent... meh... things happen, we can't really do anything about it :shrugs:
  10. Did you try calling them? I did the same thing but I was out of town on the 14th day when I saw the price decreased so I called my boutique and explained and they were so nice and gave me credit for the difference without me even going in!
  11. bought my batignolles horizontal last month, I asked my SA why the price decreased.. She just said, 'the lining is just the same with the speedy 30 that's why'.. just don't know if that's the real reason..:confused1:
  12. If this happens too often it will scare away customers for various reasons.
  13. Maybe with 4 increases in price last year, their popularity went down a bit? Just speculating...
  14. my mom wants a horizontal vs. the cabas mezzo, and i was amazed at the price difference.

    especially because i see either of the batignolles much nicer than any of the cabas bags.
  15. I called Eluxury about a month ago and asked them why the price decreased in batignolles, horizontal, and vertical. One said it was because it cost less to make it nowadays and the other said he have no idea why.

    I purchased the BH for $815. Thankgoodness I bought it on Eluxury cause they have the 60-days exchange policy.

    I was not pleasant with the price decreased so I return mine and got the Damier Saleya Pm instead. I love my Saleya:woohoo::smile: