Batignolles 100 or Patent Very prive?

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  1. Need help deciding which CL to choose for my second pair. I already own the new simples 120 in nude. I am considering the Batignolles 100 or Patent Very Prives. I don't live near a store that carries CLs so I will be ordering online. Any recommendations on comfort, sizing?
  2. I'd go for the batignolles 100, but just cause I dont fancy peep-toes that much.
  3. The Bats are really TTS, not sure about the VPs. Both are very classic shoes and you will get a lot of wear out of either. My vote is for the VPs - a really sexy shoe. To me the Bats just aren't as fabulous as the Pigalles. A great pump, but nothing to write home about.
  4. Both are lovely...I personally love my VP's, and since you have a closed toe a peep toe might be nice but what do like to wear?? I like the sculpted heel of the batignolles but choosing between the two I'd go with VP's, I find them very comfortable and TTS...I'm a 9 and a 39.5-40(40.5 in some) in CLs...I have my VP's in 40 with some room/padding and 39.5 for a snug fit. Good luck and I hope you find something awesome, any questions let me know!!!!
  5. Um I will say that I like a little more give in my fit so I could do a VP in 39.5 but sometimes I would rather pad than be tight! Personal preference.
  6. I like both but since you already have Simples, I would go for an open-toe next,