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  1. Truthfully, what does everyone think about the Batignolle, the hand held bag?

    Please help!
  2. I think it's a cute bag!!! I've seen a lot of people of all sizes with this bag, and it looked great on them!
  3. Personally, it's not my style. It is barely any less in cost than the bigger ones, yet it is A LOT smaller! I really liked in when I looked at it online at eLuxury, but at the boutiques I saw one and just really wasn't feeling it. But some people pull it off really well.
  4. Unfortunately, I bought it for my friend and regret my purchase. Everything you just mentioned I must agree with:sad:! You are so right.

    Does anyone have positive or conflicting feeback?
  5. I have it and love meets my needs and fits as much as a speedy 25. :shrugs:
  6. Fits more than what I pretty much fits everything that I put inside Mini Lin Speedy 30, minus the light jacket. If you're a huge bag girl, don't get this one.But I love mine!