batignolle vertical or horizontal

  1. I have to make the decision, wich one look better
  2. I like the BH better.
  3. I think they are both great bags, and the same price! I personally like the BH a little more, that is why I bought it!
  4. I own both. The BV is more elongating to the body...nice when you're short like me. The BH is cute all by itself. Also, it's easier to get stuff in and out of the BH since it's shallow. You have to dig a little bit with the BV. I love them both. Have you tried them both on? Maybe that'll help you decide.
  5. I like the look and shape of the BH more. Good luck on your decision!
  6. BH is much nicer :biggrin:
  7. go for the BH:smile:
  8. I prefer Horizontal :yes:
  9. Bh!!!
  10. I like the BH im around 5"1, 104 lbs

    i think the BV would fit someone a little taller so it depends this is me with my BH i got a few weeks ago

  11. I love the BV.
  12. I like the BV as it helps elongate the body if you are shorter like me.:p ( I don't own it though)
  13. Thanks for help me, I,m from Puerto Rico, my english is not pretty well, but I love the forum, and I planning to buy my next LV in october, my birtday, which one could be next, after the batignolles
  14. Would BV look good on someone who is around 5'8? I didn't normally like it but I looked at the batignolles club thread, and liked the vertical on people more... has anyone seen it on a taller girl?
  15. BH!!! I LOVE mine! =)