Baths? Addicted or a shower person????

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  1. My one luxury in life is to take a long hot bubble bath every night, I have tons of bath salts, ect.....and lots of scented lotions when I get out. I even put a heater in the bathroom to keep the room warm when I take a bath. My friends think I am crazy for this--they think it is a waste of time and don't understand why I like it so much. I have scented candles, maybe music from my CD player or just sit in the dark with a candle and watch the sky from the large window over the bath.
    SO I ask are there any other bath lovers out there or shower people????
    My one friend takes 3 showers a day and thinks that is normal so I laugh how she thinks a hour in the bathroom for me is strange.:wlae:
  2. I'm also a hot bubble bath lover.. I look forward to it every night. It's my quiet time after the kids are put to bed. I love bubbles, scented oils, candles, the works! It helps me release the stresses of the day- physically & mentally~

    As a matter of fact, I'm heading that direction in just a few minutes ;)
  3. im not so much a bath person.. but i like to sit in the shower. ive never told that to anyone! i just sit there and its so relaxing and warm. i do the whole shower routine sitting in the tub with the shower on!
  4. I like a shower in the morning and a bath in the evening. I always take a shower every morning no matter what but only do a bath about twice a week. I like Philosophy scrubs, bubble baths and lotions. Lately I have been addicted to Pure Grace. NOTHING smells cleaner than that stuff!
  5. I am such a bath girl. It is soooo relaxing. Never thought of the heater, I think I will give it a try.
  6. i loooooove baths if the tub is big/deep enough. unfortunately mine is not. :crybaby: i always take them on vacation though. hotel tubs are the best!
  7. I have a tub, but I never seem to have the time to sit in there. Even though my tub is really clean, it just feels dirty to me. I'm a shower girl. :biggrin:
  8. I love both. Corrinne, I sit down in the shower too!!! I haven't taken a nice relaxing bath in a while. One time I sat my laptop on the sink and put a DVD in, lit candles and all. Total relaxation. I take really long showers though.
  9. I love the idea of baths - but I am definitely a shower girl (with very hot water:smile:
  10. Me too!!!!
  11. I love showers, and about 4 evenings a week you will find me in my bath reading a good book. I have to shut the door or my puppy will jump in the bath and hang...its crazy...the shower too!!! LOL
  12. I'm a shower girl myself. Love trying different bath gels. Now and then I'll soak in the tub, it is very relaxing. I could fall asleep if I let myself!
  13. I'm a total bath girl. I too shower every morning and love to take long, hot baths at night. I swear there is nothing better than soaking in a tub w/ lots of bubbles, scented candles, and a nice glass of wine!!!!! Sometimes w/ a good book or sometimes in the dark w/ just a few candles. I do this about 4 nights a week.
  14. I'm more of a shower girl, but I like spending time in the whirlpool to have the jets work on my back/neck muscles.
  15. Showers.