Bathroom/vanity lighting for MU!


everything is peachy
Mar 17, 2007
Under what kind of lighting do you do your makeup?

I'd ideally do it near a window under sunlight, but everything is set up just so in the bathroom and it's more convenient for me to do it in there. Right now, I have a pair of normal orange/yellow light bulbs in there, but it gives me shadows and I can't REALLY see what I'm doing!

Are there any specific colors/types/wattage of light bulbs you recommend?


Ma to the d@mn D-E-A
Jan 27, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
I would love to know the same thing! I have those huge clear bulbs in my bathroom, but they just dont seem to be doing the trick. I love light and have lamps all over my house(however, my power bill is something I DONT love lmao) but it seems like no type of bulb gives off crisp clear lighting! I always get the little bit of yellowish tint no matter what bulb I buy.


Jun 13, 2007
My bestfriend's bathroom has the greatest lighting ever for both make up and taking picture.
I noticed it might be the combination of bulbs colours that does it. There are 2 different kinds of lighting; a set of three yellow incandescent light bulb positioned horizontally (i guess it's 25 watts each) above the mirror and a white compact fluorescent bulb at the centre of ceiling. And there is no window nor sunlight coming through the bathroom.

Has anyone have a beauty mirror with built in lights like this?
I'm considering of buying it but not sure about the small size