Bathroom/ Restroom Usage for a Transgender

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  1. This has been a hot topic lately & I can relate to this. Being a TG male is tough at times. I do use the "family" restrooms when available. Most times I use the ladies room. Going into the men's room dressed as a woman would not go over well. Esp in a club. I'd get my butt kicked! Straight males don't care for someone like me! And that's cool. It's their choice.
    When I have to go, I have to go! I go in, do my business & get out! Quickly!
    It's really unfortunate that stalkers, pervs & the like will try & take advantage of these situations & give ppl like me a bad rap.
    Right or wrong I'd rather take my chances explaining myself in a police station rather than a hospital. Just my thoughts here
  2. Are male to female TG? If I were you I'd just go to the bathroom of the gender I associated my self with regardless of the law. This is a fcuked-up law. I hope anyone who made this into law will have TG children one day.

  3. Yes I am. And I generally do. Haven't had any issues yet if fact in the club the girls love me. We talk & they treat me well!
  4. I live in Charlotte, NC. We can't get political here so I will just say that I am an ally to LGBT community. I am witnessing first hand the insanity surrounding the bathroom. A law will not prevent a criminal from engaging in criminal activity. This will be addressed tomorrow given the backlash my state has received, the latest coming from the UK.

  5. That's true, it won't. A pervert man can say he was born a woman and use the women's bathroom for his perversion, and they didn't think of that. Idiots!
  6. Please remember, no remotely political comments.
  7. Do what you need to do to stay safe and true to yourself. I believe - or I hope - that there are more allies than bigots.
  8. Hey! Thanks :smile:

    I deleted the political post, you're fine!

    Thought a reminder would be a good idea is all :cutesy:
  9. I'm just a woman who has to urinate sometimes.

    Because of travels & jetlag, I often wander into the wrong "room."
    If cannot translate cryptic gender symbols near doorways.
    Am I the triangle, in this nation? Door marked, "heifers," in this country-themed cafe?

    Screaming male voices usually indicate my mistakes.
    But, sometimes kind people realize everyone pees. And just hum along, as if nothing odd happened.

    Whatever laws & politics are involved, I'd rather see a transgender male in female toilet.
    Than the faces of 2 unruly children, grinning under my stall door.
    Or anyone snapping selfies, then screaming @ boyfriend in crap-action phone call.

    It's a toilet.
    Not a statement.
    Everybody has to urinate sometimes.
  10. Exactly, and not just that, there's never ever been reported an incident where a man pretended to be a woman (trans or not) to be a perv in a ladies room. It's just ridiculous, far fetched fear mongering from people who can't tolerate others being different from themselves.

    Hugs to everyone affected by this, I hope you feel more welcome everywhere soon! :heart:
  11. Actually I've seen it reported twice unfort :sad:

  12. This! I mean sexual abuse is not legalized through allowing people to used the bathroom they identify with. Creepers are creepers. I don't care who's videotaping, peeking in or whatever in the bathroom, they are the ones responsible for their behavior. Why single out transgender people?

    And honestly, does this mean moms can't take their little boys or dads can't take their little girls into the bathroom because they don't match the gender on the door? At what age does this law kick in?

    Given how many times we are even aware we are in the presence of a transgender person, this whole argument about restricting their toilet usage seems insane. In my 45 years, I've never even noticed! Again, if they're not creeping on me (and no one ever has in the bathroom), I'm not even thinking about other people in the bathroom.

    Based on my personal experience, we are at much greater risk for sexual misconduct in public parks - and not by transgender people.

  13. Yes!

  14. I'm sure it's happened. But probably not by actual transgender people. It's weirdos dressing up to gain access. Again, no matter who you are, it's not okay for anyone to perv out in the bathroom.

    Do men find they are often abused in bathrooms? I mean there are a zillion gay men out there using the same restrooms as straight men. Does bathroom access to the gender of men's sexual preference immediately mean they lose control and must assault? Good lord, I hope not!

  15. This! Thank you!