Bathroom hardware - would this look OK?

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  1. We are at the point in our bathroom remodel to choose hardware. We went looking last night and found we liked and would match our tiles, something like this:


    We would then get similar colored towel holders, toilet roll holder and shower head.

    BUT... our tub's overflow plate is shiny chrome and the toilet handle I'm sure will be shiny chrome.

    Would that be OK?

    Then, what faucets are the better brands to be looking at? Kohler? Price Phister? Moen? (within the reasonable price range).
  2. Could we see a photo of the shiny part of the tub?? To get a better understanding??
  3. Like this:


    The drain is chrome obviously and the overflow is at the top rim (it's a deep soaker tub). It's about 2.5" long chrome lip basically.
  4. Yeah I think it would be fine. It so little its not very visible.
  5. Yeah, I think it would look great! :tup: Actually I am a bit biased because I recently had a Moen faucet nearly identical to this one but in chrome installed in a bathroom.

    I've heard that Moen and Kohler are good brands. I've also been told that some faucet makers like Moen make low-quality versions for stores like Home Depot and sell their top-of-the-line versions to builders and such.

    I bought my Moen faucet through which was very good price-wise and customer-service-wise. It was about $200. The Kohler faucets I looked at were a bit higher in price, closer to $300. Other than that I don't know anything about faucet prices. My old faucet broke so I just went online and bought a new one.
  6. Oh by the way, my Moen required the purchase of a special Moen installation kit of all sorts of pipey-things and doodads for under the sink. It was an ordeal for the plumber to install. It took him over two hours. And this was the plumbing company's faucet expert. I had a doozey of a plumbing bill.
  7. I think it would be fine!!! Those chrome pieces are not very visible...and future homebuyers would not likely notice :smile:
  8. This looks like the set we chose for our bathroom, only it's 2-tone shiny chrome and brass. I don't think you should consider the toilet and bath drain when choosing the faucets/handles, people's eyes don't go to those anyway.

    I love the look of these sets! We have them in the sink, shower, and bathtub. As I recall, they are from an upper end Moen series, and our contractor had to add on $1500 to our faucet allowance to get them, about 15 years ago.

    Although I love the look, they have not been especially good quality. The hot/cold water handles in the sink broke after just a few years. My husband, who is handy with plumbing type stuff, called the company because they have a lifetime guarantee. Turns out the guarantee is worthless, and I can't remember exactly why. We haven't gotten around to replacing them, instead we're just very careful when we push the handles back to turn off the water, or else the flow won't stop completely.

    I wish we'd gone with Kohler, but at the time they didn't have a set we liked.
  9. Hey BBB, that looks like the bronze version of the same design we have in our bathroom. Is it Kohler Devonshire in oil rubbed bronze? I think they make the toilet handle in that same color to match the faucet you like too. The model number I found is K-9462-BRZ but I haven't seen it myself so not sure if it's really a match.
  10. Delta makes probably the most price conscious bronze plumbing right now I think and still looks beautiful.
    One question? Are you going to be changing shower levers as well? If so you NEED to stay w/ the brand already in there otherwise they'll need to tear out the tiles and literally re-plumb the plumbing behind the wall.

    Bronze stoppers and toilet levels are available if you ever want to change those out.
  11. I had nothing but problems with my Kohler plumbing items. They aren't worth the money either. I had their fancy toilets & one had a defect & it destroyed my upstairs.

    !5 years is a long time to expect anything to last. They all do what they can to try to extinguish your warranty. Even Kohler will. They will use hard water, no water softener as excuses.
  12. i think it is fine, my shower curtain rod is that color and everything else is shiny chrome.
  13. My faucets are all chrome but the shower rack is that bronze color. I think it looks pretty nice.
  14. I think it's fine.

    After remodeling our entire house, I am surprised at the small (and large) design decisions that I and SO stressed over for hours, guests/friends/family don't even notice!
  15. OK, so here's a question.... (And I'll be asking the contractor when he arrives this morning).

    Our contractor told us to pick out hardware and a mirror and lights on our own so we get exactly what we want - makes sense.

    However, I see the plumber has a shower assembly and now from what others have said, perhaps for the 'initial' shower assembly you have to pick something out and part of it would fit behind the tiles? What he picked out is a kohler chrome set that has the shower head and the handle section to turn it on and off. It's opened, so maybe he's used some parts already for inside?

    If so, I'm a little perturbed we weren't asked what kind of hardware we wanted in the tub area.. but shouldn't I be able to buy any other kohler set that matches the same middle handle assembly?

    Shiny chrome is our third or fourth choice, not the top. Our top is black with copper accents, then antiqued brass accents and then brushed nickel and THEN shiny chrome. This is connected to our bedroom and our bedroom is antiqued brass hardward on the dresser pulls.