Bathing suit cover up


Oct 22, 2005
I need some help!!! I am looking for a sheer tunic with or without embellishments that can be worn as a bathing suit coverup. i am going to vegas and cabo in 3 weeks, and i have been looking FOREVER and cannot find anything!!! I would love one in white/cream, but at this point im getting ive decided to call in some reinforcements....YOU GUYS!!!!
Thanks in advance!!!!
i have some juicy cover ups but im looking for a sheer tunic...juicy doesnt make anything like that. You would think it would be easy to find, but ive been so busy working i havent had the time to go to any boutiques....i was hoping to find something online...thanks though
Since it is not the season for them right now and they are starting to trinkle into the stores look at places like T.J. Maxx or Marshalls they usually have a lot of variety from the last season.
Good luck!!!
Update...Garnet Hill had something you could use, but the color is watermelon. (nice quality)

Newport News (cheaper line) had a catalog out not too long ago and had lots of gauze items and caftan looks.

Sounds crazy, but try JCPenney...for a one time use give it a look...they try to copy what is hot for the season

I also saw some nice light gauze dresses on Nordstroms in white that you could use over a suit. (depending on your figure/size) Isn't it always that way?

I will keep thinking for you.