Bathing my Dog

  1. Me and my husband are new pet owners, we have an adorable miniature shar-pei named "Kirby". Vet recommended give Kirby a bath every two weeks, why can't we bath "Kirby" weekly? Additionally, I was told (not by my vet) that I can't wet my dog's head :confused1: at bath time because he will get sick :shrugs: Why is this? Am I following the wrong advise? Please help.:p
  2. As far as baths every two weeks, from what I understand dogs have sensitive skin, and a bath every week might be too much and make their skin flakey or itchy. I actually usually bathe mine more like once a month (they are indoor dogs so they tend to not get very dirty though).
    As far as wetting the dog's head - that is not something I have heard before - perhaps someone else can shed some light on this?
  3. I have long haired Lhasas who sleep in our bed. I bathe them every week. Just make sure you use shampoo that rinses clean. Mine actually get happy after their weekly bath. As for water on the head, make sure the ears are kept dry (if there's hair in the ears).
  4. i also wash my dog every week (he is white!) and i use a very mild shampoo, so it' s no problem. :biggrin:
  5. I've been told that bathing your dog to often strips the protective oils which can cause irritation and excessive scratching...

    I take our pooches to the groomer every 6 weeks..for a complete bath..and do the doggie wipes keep them clean, shiney and smelling good
  6. Shar-peis are a brachycephalic (smooshed nose) breed and can accidentally inhale water that splashes on the nose. This can cause respiratory infection and pneumonia. It's not that you can't wet the head but you have to be very careful. Dogs with pointed noses have much more room to work with as far as face washing goes we should all be careful when washing our pups faces. When I bathe my pup (shih-tzu peke mix) I use a damp cloth to wash her face, eyes, ears and head. I never run water over her head. Brachy dogs tend to have very narrow ear canals so you do not want any water to get in the ears as this can cause an infection too.
  7. This is a good idea no matter what the breed, since water can get in their ears.

    My dog Pearl actually just got a bath yesterday. She gets one every 3 or 4 months. Pearl doesn't smell, so her coat can go that long without getting gross.
  8. Since you have a shar-pei, cleaning the skin folds will be something you want Kirby to get used to... I think it is up to you, but they usually do not need to get bathed that often... And like other say, don't get their face wet. But it is always a great idea to clean their ears after a bath with ear cleaning solution. You want the water not not stay in there because their ear canals are longer than us, and where moisture gets trapped, bacteria, yeast can grow causing ear infection in the future.
  9. A general rule of thumb is to not bathe your dog every week. It strips the skin of its natural oils and will lead to dry skin. As far as not getting his head wet, its probably related to his ears. Sharpei's, Cockers, and Bulldog's are notorious for chronic ear infections (due to all of the yeast they produce). If chronic ear infections develop (usually takes years to get to that pioint), surgery may be required....
    I had Sharpei's growing up and they were quite greasy (oily skin)...Why would you want to bathe Kirby every week? Does he get oily, dirty? If that's the case perhaps you could look into a "waterless" shampoo, or some other formula to do between baths...

    Hope that helped...

  10. You did not mention how old is your pet? If its a one or two months old, it is best to give him a bath when he is 2 1/2 or 3 months old. Puppies are very susceptible to getting colds and since his shots are not yet complete, it is best to stay away from getting him wet. Oh no, I am sooo guilty because I give my dog a bath every 3 days. He is a schnauzer and he tends to have the gamey scent after a while. He also sleeps in my bed so I want him clean all the time.
  11. my dog hates bath time. you have to give her a nudge and she slides across the tiled floor. we use baby whipes on her face and ears every day but she only gets a bath about once a month any more and her skin gets dry and itchy.
  12. Thank you for all responses Ladies and for those who asked Kirby's age, he is 6 moths old already!. He seems to enjoy bath time (he always takes a long nap after bath time). I use Espree brand aloe and oatmeal shampoo to bath Kirby. His coat looks gorgeous but I noticed his hair is falling a lot. He is a 100% indoor dog and doesn't get dirty at all but I don't know, I think I'm just crazy with the cleaning thing (my house, my car, even my dog! he,he).

    Kirby it is a miniature Shar-Pei, I was blessed because he does not have folds like other Shar-Peis (only is his face) so folds here is not an issue.