Bath Time Problems


Apr 2, 2007
Scottsdale, Az
My 11 month old daughter suddenly hates bath time. She use to love it. But the last 3 nights have been terrible. She won't sit down in the tub...even if I go in with her. She cries through the whole thing. Not a loud or painful cry. More of a loud whine. She doesn't cry tears...but she is clearly upset and does not want to be in the tub. She has bath time toys. I make sure the water isn't too hot or too cold. She has never hurt herself in the tub. So, nothing traumatic has happens to cause this. I try to make it fun by singing songs and playing with her. I didn't change anything about our routine.

I'm at a total loss. Any ideas on how to fix this? Has this happened with any of your kids before?


Jun 30, 2006
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awwwww...i am so sorry to hear that!!!:hugs:

my daughter and i went through the same thing (now that you mentioned it and i remember....!!). i think my daughter was around your daugher's age then.....she was getting little wiser and smarter, started having a mind of her own!!! i think she was just 'testing' me and starting to learn to 'push' my bottons!!! (now she's 2 and she got so much better at that!!!! grrr)

we didn't change anything as far as our routines....i think i just let her whine and cry. i guess she learned her whining wasn't working and we went back to our usual happy bath time!!! =D

i'm sure it'll pass - but they go through so many different stages and new problem comes up here and there.......i'm preggo and going through such a rough time with my terrible two yr old right now, but somehow i'm dealing with it!!! LOL

good luck mom! (sorry if it wasn't very helpful.....:sweatdrop:)


Jan 12, 2006
my DD went through that exactly at that age too! She went from loving baths one day to appearing scared to seath of them the next.
What I did was only bathe her when she truly needed it. I don't believe in forcing it unless it's a health issue when it comes to fears.
I also started letting her play in it w/o water, this she loved!
That little combo fixed the issue within about 3-4 weeks.
I think we ended up bathing her twice a week during that, but of course I was cleaning her w/ a warm washcloth in between.


Feb 24, 2007
the Northeast
My son went through the exact same thing around that age as well. He loved his baths, and then one day, he hated them! He'd scream and sob and washing his hair was like torture!! Luckily he went through this in the early winter so I didn't have to give him a bath as much (in the summer he needs a bath daily because they play outside at school and he gets yucky from the sunscreen/dirt/sweat)We just made sure we washed his face and hands all the time in between baths. Like Swanky I don't believe in forcing things that my son fears.... I think this phase only lasted about a month wasn't very long and then he went right back to loving his baths!!


Nov 1, 2006
Same here. I remember making little paper boats for my son and him having fun with them - that was a good way of distracting him by making it a sort of 'laytime'


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Nov 12, 2006
Maybe she's scared of the drain? I remember my younger sister being scared of the drain when she was a toddler. Maybe you could try giving her a bath inside a smaller tub?

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Sep 22, 2007
Oh poor little baby. maybe you could distract her with a new toy. Have you seen those letters and numbers they can stick on the tiles? My two are 6 and 8 and they still play with them..I have the two want to stay in the bath!!!


Jul 17, 2006
My 10 month old loved baths last week and I can't get her to sit still for 5 minutes this week! Good to hear this is normal.

Mrs. MC

Dec 4, 2007
My son went through this too. I think it is a phase they all go through. I got the Primo eurobath for him where he could recline and relax and that seemed to help.


Apr 2, 2007
Scottsdale, Az
I forgot about this thread!

We no longer do baths. She takes a shower with me now. She got a kidney infection at the end of April. I change her diaper often. While we were taking less baths because of her sudden fright, I was doing a quick cleaning of her private area each night before bed. So I'm not sure how she got such a bad infection. The doctor told me that some girls are prone to them. He said there was nothing I could do to prevent it. But I read that hot tubs can cause kidney I'm wondering if baths can as well.

She hates the shower...but we make it quick. Poor baby. I hate making her cry.
my daughter did the same thing! She went through about 2 phases of loving the bath and being terrified. When she was afraid I would not make her take a bath. I would clean her with wipes and warm washcloths in the sink!!! Finally I got in with her once and let her play for a while and let her wash my hair and she slowly got better. It took a good 3 weeks to get her feel comfortable again. Now she doesn't want to get out of the tub!!! Good luck! I'm sure it will pass!


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Jan 17, 2008
Anchorage, AK
^^ AW. I'm so sorry to hear about your baby's infection!!
If your doctor said there was nothing you could have done to prevent it (and I believe this too) then I doubt a bath caused it.
She'll get better with baths in time. It took my little brother months to learn to just tolerate baths! Good luck with bath time troubles! :yes: