Bath, England?

  1. Has anyone been there?

    I'm thinking about visiting there in the sometime near future but I would like a first hand account first.

    It looks so pretty and full of character and history in the pictures! And also very inspiring.
  2. You have to visit the Roman baths! They're gorgeous!

    (When you're in the Pump Room, the last time I was there, you had the oppertunity to taste a bit of the spa water for a pound. If you're feeling adventerous, try some.)

    This site should be helpful:
  3. I love Bath it's a beautiful place and full of character. If you find the time you should definitely give it a visit.
  4. It's very beautiful there.
  5. It's absolutely gorgeous. Like a storybook, complete with fluffy grazing sheep.
  6. Well, I do not know what things you like to see or do on vacation, but dh and i went there a few years ago and while it was gorgeous there was not much at all to see or do. We took the tour on the double decker bus and we still laugh about it today. We circled around twice and the tour was still very very short! Anyways I took some beautiful pics there, but if I had it to do again we would go elsewhere. JMO
  7. I was there a long time ago, saw lots of interesting things, had a pleasant lunch. I remember wishing we had more time to explore the town. Much history, picturesque, interesting shops, etc.
  8. ah I go every year. Its a gorgeous city. The Royal crescent is one of the nicest places in the country to live!

    The high street is gorgeous, the baths are a must, and you can visit the spa there now too, also the Jane Austin Museum is there. Its a gorgeous place to visit, and if you are staying, just let me know as there are some incredible hotels in the area ;)
  9. It is a very small town which I personally found boring. I would agree that the bus tour is a joke - it takes you on a couple of loops up on the hill overlooking the old quarry and swings by the university and that's about it. Save your money for a little shopping instead. There are some quaint stores in the shopping area.
  10. I went 9 years ago for an overnight stay at a cute B&B. The owner looked just like Mr. Bean! They served a delicious traditional English breakfast. We took some pretty pictures in the garden across the street. The baths were pretty cool. We also went to Oxford and Stonehenge before and after Bath.
  11. It's fab, the architecture is definitely worth seeing. You should visit the baths too. And there is a nice tea place next to it, I forget the name.
  12. I hope you have fun! I have never visited but it sounds like a lovely vacation spot.

    When I hear Bath, England I think of the short story 'The Landlady' by Roald Dahl. Creepy story...
  13. Its a beautiful place, especially in the summer. Some lovely wine bars, shops and places to eat. Very romantic. Certainly one of my favourite places in the UK.
  14. I love Bath. It is so friggin charming. And so many beautiful flowers! Its also the first place I ever saw the hardware store "Knobs & Knockers". I almost peed myself laughing.
  15. Thank you everyone!

    I'm still thinking about it.. but the pictures are just so gorgeous :love: