Bath & Body Works

  1. For those who like the products...

    The big semi-annual sale starts soon. (JUNE 5)
    Doors open early.

    Signature shower gels $3
    $1 glycerin soaps
    $4 classics
    $5 Wallflower starters and refills (one week only)
    $6 select true blue spa products
    Also, up to 75 % off select other products

    Have Fun if you enjoy their is the time to buy
  2. thanks for posting! i love that lotion that is called silky something! i forgot! but it is o so soft! hope its on sale
  3. I have sent myself a calendar reminder.
  4. check out the scent warm vanilla sugar when you're there. it's amazing! cozy and delicious!!
  5. Awesome! Kelly, thanks for the tip! :flowers:
  6. They also have their antibacterial hand soaps on sale right now. They're regularly $5, and on Sunday I got them five for $10. I love the ones with shea butter.
  7. I know I made the post, but does anyone know if they will have their aromatherapy line on sale too? They usually do it 2x/year and I wondered?
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