bath & body works...who's a fan?

  1. i just love the stuffs in bath & body works. everytime i visit US, i always come back with a lot of stuffs....even hand soaps:p. my dh just shakes his head. i'm just wondering if anyone else is a fan of bath&body works and what's your favourite product(s)?:heart:
  2. I am a bath and body works FANATIC. I literally have almost everything in that store. I particularly like the aromatherapy stuff!
  3. I love Bath and Body works. My favorites are seacotton, cucumber melon, warm vanilla sugar, Japanese Cherry Blossom, White Cherry Blossom, and violet (limited Edition).
  4. I love bath & body works as well! especially the anti bacterial stuff!
    i LOVE sweet pea! and the green tea and ginger (i believe that's what it's called)
  5. I love them too! I love the mango mandarin, green tea and ginger, cherry blossom...and so many more!!:yahoo:
  6. I love the Just for Kids Foaming anti bacterial hand soap, but they stopped making it. I think we're down to two bottles. I also love the Kitchen Lemon and Cucumber Melon anti bacterial soap. I like the holiday lotions, too. I put a whole bunch of the Sugar Cookie lotion on right before I got my hair cut one time and my male hair dresser said I smelled so good he could eat me. (Like a cookie, get your mind out of the gutter!)
  7. I LOVE LOVE the new Velvet Tuberrose! MMMM Smells sooo good!
  8. I'm a fan! I have never walked out of that store without spending more than $50 bucks! :graucho: My favorite favorite faaaavorite product is the Twisted Peppermint 2-in-1! And it's back! I have a gift card and a spend $10 get something for free coupon so I am going to stock up soon! YAY! I also want to get one of the flickering candle oil burners... ohhh so pretty!
  9. I love Sweet Pea and Japanese Cherry Blossom!
  10. i used to be a fan but now i use Fresh products for my bath & body. love it!
  11. I love that place fave lotion of the moment is their ''coconut lime verbena'' body lotion...I also love their ''Japanese cherry blossom'' perfume.
  12. I don't like a lot of their stuff. They have too much stuff in there that smells like food. I get sick of chocolate this, or pumpkin that, or vanilla this, or mocha that. Lemon. Orange. Apple. Tangerine. Enough already. I was a BIG fan when they were still carrying their Henri Bendel fragrance line; Rose Petals was to DIE for and I made sure to stock up when I found out it was being discontinued.
  13. I loved their Tutti Dolce line, which they no longer carry. :sad: The sugar wafer and creme brulee stuff was AMAZING. I'm not really that into food scents, but these were perfect. I also like BBW coconut lime verbena body cream, magnolia blossom body spray and True Blue Spa shea butter stuff.

    I always go into that place to browse and end up spending like $50. It's insane!
  14. cucumber melon is my absolute favorite, they still make it, right? also mango mandarin and juniper breeze.

    and i absolutely LOVE all their 'temptations' seasonal products, like twisted peppermint, pumpkin, cinnamon bun, pecan, etc. wow!

    back in the mid 90s, they had a scent called herbal mist that first got me started on b&bw, i wish they still made it! that and juniper breeze, which i think, if they still have it, is their longest running scent!
  15. I used to be a fan until the changed the look of the store. Since they did their makeover, I haven't gotten a single thing from there. It's kind of like losing an old friend because I used to go in there all the time when I was in middle school. Nothing looks the same or smells the same anymore. Maybe I'm just being weird.

    I prefer the Body Shop nowadays. The scents I used to like at B&BW were Coconut Lime Verbena, Mango Mandarin, and Sweet Pea. I HATED Cucumber Melon though. I liked it when it first came out but EVERYONE wore it at my school so I got sick of the scent.