Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale Starts Today!

  1. If you can't get to a store, you HAVE to check out their website!

    I just dropped $200 but got a TON of stuff. I stocked up on Christmas gifts. Amazing deals! Happy shopping:biggrin:
  2. Thanks acegirl. I'm going to order some stuff.
  3. Thank you for the link! I'm going to get a jump on Christmas for a change.
  4. OMG those prices are amazing!!! Even the instore specials are fab....heading over there today for sure!
  5. Thanks for the reminder! The sales are the only time of the year that they bring back my favorite scent-honeysuckle! I'm going to walk over to B&BW on my lunchbreak!
  6. Just got back from the sale, lots of good deals, especially on lotion and shower gel. All the Goldie products are on sale too, I got some to try!
  7. Just came back, lots on sale!
  8. I always buy a lot during this sale. I can't wait to check it out! Thanks for posting.
  9. Thanks! Just took a peak at the website. Those are some nice prices! I am going right after work.
  10. The $3.00 shower gels are only good for the first 3 days, so get yourself to the sale! I got tons of awesome lipglosses from a line called Goldie for $1.75 each!!!
  11. wow! I better get myself to check it out tomorrow, after I pick my my presale items at Gucci:heart:

    Thanks for the heads up!
  12. I went earlier and I got a ton of stuff! I love their soaps for a dollar, and, the lipgloss I LOVE went down to 5 :biggrin: It just sucks though that only some SELECT sprays were on sale, not all of them, as my frined and I went back earlier this evening and none of the stuff she wanted was on sale :sad: But, it was a great price for the shower gels and the wallflowers :smile:
  13. Just came from the sale too! yeah all the good stuff is during the 1st 3 days so get to it ladies!!!!!!!! I love the plug-in WALLFLOWERS! only $5 (reg $12.50!)
  14. let's see, just came back from the local bath and body store. I purchased some foaming hand soap (fav scents like country apple and juniper breeze) and some body wash (which was 75% off!!!) and also my FAVORITE lotion: Purely Silk in juniper and freesia!!!!50%off!!!
  15. Got some lotions and shower gels yesterday already!!! Good sale!