Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Clearance Sale

  1. It's going on now!!! I don't know when it started or when it ends but I lucked into it at the mall today. I loaded up on my discontinued favorite, Green Clover and Aloe. I could not find any Juniper Breeze though.

    All bath gels are $3.00 and the SA said that today is the last day on this.
  2. The sale is online also.
  3. hehe. already hit it...:graucho:

    as a word of caution, it is VERY easy to spend lots of money during this sale. i do it EVERY time; and every time, i'm shocked at how much i spend on just bunches of $3-$5 purchases!
  4. ^^ Yeah, I'm going through my shopping cart as we chat.
  5. Anoy promo codes for free shipping?
  6. I know EXACTLY what you mean! I went to the sale with my mom yesterday and we ended up spending over $45! As we were leaving the store I had to check the receipt, but it was right, it just adds up super quick!
  7. haha, I know what you mean! I practically cleaned out the gardenia section.
  8. I just bought 18 body washes! :nuts: Thanks for the info!
  9. all the shower gels and stuff make the BEST last minute gifts!
  10. Thanks for the info....:wlae: going to go surf the net now!