Bath & Body Works sale

  1. I apologize if this was posted, but I didn't see it.

    B&BW is having a sale right now:

    If you use the code WELCOME531 at checkout, you'll get a free lip product, too. You have to add the lip product to your cart (up to a $7.50 value, and it can't be a Goldie lip product).
  2. Awesome, love their stuff. Especially white cherry blossom fragrances. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! Ever since I heard Cotton Blossom was being discontinued I've been bummed. It's such a clean, warm, sweet smelling fragrance. With this sale I just ordered 24 bottles!!
  4. ^ 24 bottles?! :lol: Too funny.

    I got two sets (shower gel, lotion, spray), in Creamy Coconut and Pearberry. Plus a free lip gloss, of course. With shipping it was still under $30.
  5. Thanks wordbox, just ordered 5/$15 foaming handsoap and got a C.O Bigelow lip balm with sunscreen free with the code you provided.
  6. I'm not taking any chances! I contemplated going back and order another 24! :lol:

    I also love their Sugar scrubs so the buy 1 get one free option was nice. :tup:
  7. I ordered a ton of stuff & got my free gloss! Thanks for the code.
  8. thanks!