Bath & Body Works Goldie tote w/ samples $20 w/ $20 purchase


    Choose either a green or pink faux velvet tote.

    Normally I'd prefer getting the samples for free, but spending the minimum $20 is fairly low and then shelling out the extra $20 isn't too painful, either. Some of the samples look substantial. I have ordered and will post the specifics when I receive it.
  2. that is such a good deal- with all those samples!!! & so cute! im thinking i'll order the pink one... thanks for posting! :tup:
  3. Got the bag today and here are the details of the items inside. Some still had a price tag on them, so the $20 was worthwhile!

    CO Bigelow Mentha Body Wash 2 oz
    Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy body lotion Black Current Vanilla 2oz $5
    True Blue Spa foot scrub 1.5 oz $6
    Bath and Body works Sea Island Cotton Body Lotion 2 oz $3.50
    Goldie Mini Gloss in Baby $7
    Savannah Bee Company Lip Balm in Mint Julep
    Caudalie Energizing Cream .13 fl oz

    And small packet sized samples of
    Fekkai Glossing shampoo
    Ahava Intensive foot creme
    CO Bigelow Quince hand lotion
    Jaqua pink potion hand cream
    Seikisho Mask White
    Patricia Wexler Moisturizer
    Mop glisten shine drops
    100% Pure Organic chocolate mocha shower gel (yum!)
  4. Is this available at the stores, or just on line?
  5. Favoritethingshawaii, doesn't it tick you off that there aren't any B&B stores in Oahu? :tdown: Thanks for posting!
  6. Yes, it does! And no Limited, Limited Express, etc., either! I don't know why they don't even consider coming here. Chains that come to Hawaii often quickly become the company's top sales location - Cheesecake Factory, Costco, California Pizza Kitchen, for example.

    But at LEAST I can order online!! I think even five years ago I couldn't from Bath and Body Works - and had to lug back stuff in my suitcase on those infrequent trips to the continental US!! :p
  7. wow, thats a great deal!
  8. When I went to Oahu to visit my best friend who just moved back home, her family requested B&B items out of all the things you can get in NY! I was shocked to hear that you guys don't even have vicky's down there! I love hawaii planning on purchasing a summer home in the near future in Kaneohe or Kailua :biggrin: Freakin land value is soo high over there right now.

  9. ^^I don't even know what Vicky's is!! But at least Target will be coming soon!

    Yeah, it's quite insane, the cost of real estate here. The cost of paradise! Lots of folks with money moving to Maui these days.

    Tons of gifts sets at 50% off now at Bath and Body! Great Christmas gifts....