Bath & Body Works FREE Items <$12.50! Pay only Shipping!

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  1. Bath & Body Works has FREE items (you only pay shipping) with their coupon code! I copied it from another site, but that's ok :yes:
  2. The code is expired. I tried several different items, it just doesn't work for me. I got "The promotional code entered has expired. If you have a current promotional code, please provide it below. " :sad:
  3. It expired fast. They made a new coupon code 5265 for today, but i think that just expired too!

    Maybe if you checked the post earlier :P :smile:
  4. it didn't work for me either :sad:
  5. try 5260 until 12/17.
  6. Neither 5260 nor 5265 works for me. I guess the promotion expired. :sad:
  7. hmm. i just got the 5260 code in the mail today...
    that's weird.
  8. if it counts for anything, 5260 is a free item (up to $12.50 value) with any purchase. you can't just get your free item and pay shipping...maybe that's the prob?