Bath & Body Works codes

  1. -free signature collection item of your choice w/any $10 purchase(up to 10.50 value) online code 5512 *this is only good until feb 15 sorry so late*

    -free co bigelow mentha lip product up to 7.50 value w/any online purchase code WELCOME0205 *valid now thru march 6*

    -buy any scentport bottle get the new scentport diffuser free, a 7.50 value code 5449 *valid Feb 16-Mar 4*

    hope this helps someone:smile:
  2. [​IMG] [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] [​IMG]Bath & Body Works® Signature Collection product with $15 purchase (up to a $10.50 value). Offer valid now through April 1, 2007.

    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]To Redeem In Stores:[/FONT]
    Print this coupon and present it at any [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Bath & Body Works Store[/FONT].
    Authorization code 5783.
  3. Hi, does anyone know of any Bath and Body works free shipping codes right now? TIA:smile:
  4. BIGELOW worked a couple of days ago, but you can't combine free shipping with anything that's on sale - it'll bump everything back up to full price after you apply it :tdown:
  5. Anyone has Bath and Body Works free shipping code???

  6. Bump!
  7. I have no code, but I went into a Bath and Body Works store yesterday, and I found that the sale prices were better in store than online-- at least for the body splash I was after.
  8. ^ A LOT better than online...
  9. Wow! OK, I'll hoof it to the mall tonight and check it out. I'm crazy about Enchanted Orchid scent and need to stock up on the wallflower refills and hand soaps.
  10. hi gals!

    i have a code for bath & body works for 25% off plus free shipping! i wanted to buy some stuff but, i bought a pair of jordan breds instead :graucho:

    this is a one time use code: RSP13ys119EKV8yPr

    so whoever needs it, it's all yours!
  11. taken! Thanks!
  12. I could use one code! Anyone not using that could PM to me?! Thanks!
  13. enjoy!!
  14. I also could use one if someone would please PM me one...I love their Patricia Wexler MD skincare line but it's a little pricey unless i have some kind of discount/coupon!!

  15. good morning!

    b&bw sent me another 25% off code with FREE shipping over $25.

    here is the ONE time use code: RSP13t4y2KttA9hzS