Bath and Body works Splashes also coconut scents?

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  1. I want a really coconuty tropical body scent, not like the body shop coconut body lotion.

    Which is the nicest coconut smelling body splash?

    also what are these like?

    Sparkling peach ?
    Warm Vanilla Sugar?
    Strawberry Lemonade?
    Country Apple?
    irresistable apple?

    Also i want a laundry clean smelling body splash could you reccomend one?

  2. please!
  3. have you tried the bbw coconut body sprays, exotic coconut smells really nice!? Out of the others listed, I like irresistible apple & strawberry lemonade.

    & sorry, I don't know of any fresh linen scented sprays.
  4. i dont live near a bath and body works shop so i cant try them !!! which totally sucks.
  5. *
  6. ??
  7. I was going to suggest BBW Cotton Blossom for the fresh linen scent but wasn't sure if that was what you were looking for.
  8. Hi Pink_Swish, my favourite coconut smell is from Dior´s Sweet Sun! It is a kind of body splash i think..

    And i also like the BBW Exotic Coconut.
  9. sounds like exotic coconut is a winner!
  10. I honestly don't like Sparking Peach, it makes me smell like beer in a way and it's not Peachy enough.

    Warm Vanilla Sugar has always been a favorite of mine, so I'll love this one forevers..

    Strawberry Lemonade I have not tried yet, but it sounds like it smells awesome and bee-enticing lol

    I would choose Irresistable apple over Country Apple, as I love them both, Irresistable has more of an Apple Punch kinda thing going I would go with that.

    and yes Exotic Coconut is the business!!
  11. thanks ever so much!
  12. Warm Vanilla Sugar is really nice.
    Have you tried Sensual Amber... it's amazing!!!!

    There's a 'cotton' one that smells like linens... not sure if I'm thinking of the same as bnjj.

    But, my favorite is Love Spell body spray and body wash... sold at Victoria's Secret! I usually use that or the Sensual Amber!