Bath and Body works at outlets

  1. I had no idea there was a bath and body works at my local outlets, only about 30 minutes away, but I had never gone.

    If anyone else loves their stuff like I do, it is def, worth a trip.
  2. i LOVE bath and body works...
    though i fear how much i would buy at an outlet...that might be bad!
  3. There's a Bath & Body Works Outlet store in my local outlet mall. I love that place. The deals are awesome. My DBF loves the C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries shave cream. Normally the stuff is like $14 a tube, but it's at the outlet for $4.99. The stuff from the "Breathe" line is great too, especially the vanilla milk scented body wash and lotion. I also buy their aromatherapy hand soap. I keep that in the bathroom instead of the usual Dial liquid. It doesn't dry your hands up like Dial and it smells fantastic.
  4. It was down to 2.99 today, you might want to grab a couple
  5. ^^ I am actually going there today to get more hand soap and possibly a few more tubs of body cream, so I'll have to definitely keep my eye open for the shave cream.