Bath and Body Works $6 Wallflowers + 50% off new items!

  1. Tomorrow starting in stores all of the wallflowers and refills will be $6...(regular price $12.50)

    Sassy Strawberry Mint body lotion (reg. $8) and Three-in-One: Body Wash, Bubble Bath and Shampoo (reg. $12) will be 50% off

    Temptations shimmer wands, (reg. $14) peppermint, sugar and spice, and glittery gumdrop....Also, select temptations gift sets 50% off

    Enjoy! :heart:
  2. I'm going to go check this out instore after work tonight.

    Thanks for the headsup!
  3. hi it actually starts on friday! sorry!! and there are also $10 off $30 floating around!
  4. I was just going to say, I went in today and none of it was on sale! Hahaha.

    No problem, I'll try again tomorrow.

  5. are the winter flavors included?
    I'm in love w/ the winter and spice flavors!
    I use them year round!:biggrin:
  6. I cashed in some AmEx rewards for a gift card to here, so I guess tomorrow is the day to use it! I recently tried their butter cream frosting body butter and it took everything I had not to actually eat it. Oh yeah, and it works great, too!
  7. :shrugs: I was in the store today. They do have some gift set 50% off. Pretty good deal though.