Batgnolles Horizontal or Vertical?

  1. Which is better to get and more stylish?
  2. I love the BH!!!
  3. I would actually like to see some modeling pics of both the BH and BV side-by-side! I'm debating between the two, and have been trying to find good reference pics from someone who's around 5'7".... (hint hint)

    I would say the BH is more casual/practical, with it's larger opening, and the BV would be a little more "stylish" with it's sleek vertical lines. Why? I don't know, but it just sort of seems that way. :shrugs:
  4. I'd get the BH.
  5. I'm planning on getting the BV!
  6. I'll get BH ! ;)
  7. Horizontal. I tried both on and the horizontal is the most comfortable to me. The SA even said "the horizontal is the best".
  8. I have the Vertical. I like that it is so deep!
  9. I jz got the BH. Nice if you like big bags. :yes:
  10. Thanks ladies! ;)
  11. I like both... but leaning towards the BH at the moment.
  12. Bh!
  13. BH! I like large bags. :yes:
  14. Oops, noticed I jz double-posted. Sori, hee.... :p
  15. I like the BV.