Batgnolles Horizontal or Montrogueil???

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  1. LV newbie here. I think I have my choice narrowed down to two bags: Batignolles Horizontal or Montrogueil. Any suggestions on which one I should choose as my first bag? I like to carry my bags on my shoulder and do not like arm bags. TIA
  2. I'd get the BH! Some people find the shoulder strap on the Monty uncomfortable. Both look really nice though. Good Luck!
  3. Monty!!
  4. i have the bh and love it :heart:
  5. BH is a fabulous bag!
  6. I love the Monty GM and prefer that since it has the zipper.
  7. i've just got the Monty GM (exchanged from slg's) and its a very roomy classy looking bag, i like the fact it has an LV lock and def prefer the look of it to the batignolles. The plaque is nice on it too and good price i feel for a bag that size.
  8. BH! I own one and it's my go-to everyday bag.

    BH does not have a zipper closure while the Monty does -- so that will be the deal breaker probably.
  9. bh
  10. Bh
  11. BH, I love mine!!!
  12. Bh
  13. Bh
  14. bh- it's so comfy to carry. The straps are longer than the Monty's and stay on your shoulder better too.
  15. BH for sure!