Batch Watermark Creator Download. We all need to do it!

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    Someone else had mentioned (on the thread for LVGodiva and the crazy broad that stole her pics of her LV Wallet) that she uses this program, Batch Watermark Creator to watermark her pics.
    You can download it for free at Everyone should download the program and watermark their pictures both on this forum and for anything you sell on eBay so you an avoid what LVGodiva is going through right now!

    I've downloaded tons of free stuff on and it's perfectly safe. You all might want to consider AdAware as well, it removes cookies and spyware from your system.
  2. Thanks - just downloaded it!!!
  3. I just checked mine out, too. I guess you can download the softwear for a free trial period and then after that it is $29.99 to purchase. Anybody else know of any better deals than that?

    If you download AdAware it's TOTALLY free. There is never any charge for the service.
  4. Just tried it out, funny shiet.
  5. I think you can find a code somewhere so you can have it for free as long as you want, just like photoshop.
  6. Thanks to tPFer: joyfishyu to recomended us this program :smile: After all troubles, I stong agree with Ilikemike65, we need this program to protect ourself from mad ppl who will steal our pics even feel no guilty to accuse us back, nightmare.
  7. Yeah, Ill bet there is. Hopefully someone will find it and post it. Sometimes, too if you do the "free trial" it just never ends......maybe we'll all get that lucky!!

    LVGodiva, Was it Joyfishyu? I couldn't remember....Yes, thanks Joyfishyu for the info! I'm too retarded to know how to do it with Paint. I tried it but it was black and it was so small, it wouldn't do any good. I could not figure out how to enlarge it or change the color or font. That's why I downloaded this program. Can't wait to actually try it!
  8. :yes: and thanks for your help to msg her, she looks so upset in her emails for my friend :graucho: She said,"Ask your friends to stop bothering me! I don't like it!" Yah, I don't like you stole my pics, too st$*&%!## woman :cursing:
  9. Thanks. I am going to try it out. It is worth the $$$ if it is easy to use.
  10. thanks!
  11. thanks so much thats awsome i never understood how to do the whole watermark thing before

    but i DLed it and i still dont get how to use it, i see how to import my pictures, then i see how to edit a watermark but its doing it over a demo photo , how do i get it over my photo?? :smile: THX
  12. Thank you sooooo much. I just downloaded it. ;)
  13. You can use Paint. Its easy. Open the program, click on file, upload photo, click on the A , then the last photo of blocks, drag the cursur, change the color of font if you want, the font/size box will appear to choose which one, type then save.

    You just have to try it a few times to figure it out.
  14. Thanks for the info- I just had someone steal my pictures so I hope I'm able to do this.
  15. Will this program work on a Mac?