Bastille discontinued?

  1. I dont see the bastille anymore on the website
  2. Yes it has been discontinued. It is Louis Vuitton's recent policy to rotate bag models frequently.
  3. funny they have the papillon still though
  4. They have to keep the pap, some day I would like to buy it. It is a classic.
  5. Papillon is a classic like Alma or Speedy. They have been around for decades. These are not going anywhere.
  6. If you are referring to the Damier messenger bag, its been discontinued. Just like the Monogram equivalent, the Abbesses. (I really like that style of messenger bag too).
  7. So does that mean that they will eventually bring them back? Or like spruce them up a bit and increase the price again, etc. i.e. the Trevi came about to be the Salvi?
  8. I don't know. When I bought my Slate Backpack in January, I spoke with my SA for a while and that's when he said that if there were bags I like, I shouldn't wait too long because they were told that some new bags wouldn't stay very long in the collection. According to him, that's a strategy Louis Vuitton put in place fairly recently. Basically: more seasonal models.