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  1. Hello all, I'm new to the Hermès forum. :smile:

    Unfortunately this is not the first occasion I have missed out on something I've badly wanted - I have had my eye on the Bastia coin purse in that classic Hermès orange for quite some time now, and last week I decided to order one through the website. For reasons that are still unknown to me, my card issuer had placed a temporary hold (perhaps too much shopping elsewhere!) on my account and I was unable to complete the transaction. Long story short, I only had the time to sort it out over the phone with my bank this morning and when I excitedly returned to the Hermès site to order my Bastia, it was gone.

    Is this a limited item? Do items that are out of stock disappear from the site completely and reappear when available? Am I likely to be able to purchase this in the near future? I'll be very disappointed if an error on my bank's part has stopped me from being able to have one of these!
  2. the bastia style and the orange color are hermes staples so i do not believe they will be discontinued soon. maybe you can email the Hermes UK website and ask which stores have it available and they can mail it to you. good luck!
  3. You could try phoning one or two of the Hermes shops (not sure where you are located in the UK) and ask if they have one in stock or could source you one. I've had scarves sent from stores and paid by credit card over the phone so should be able to do that for you if its a small item.
  4. Thank you for your replies.

    I'm in Scotland, near Glasgow. I'm not sure whether the Hermès boutique within Frasers would carry this item - actually I hadn't thought on this at all because it was always a very small boutique (and generally I do most of my shopping online anyway). I know it's recently been extended and had a bit of a makeover though so perhaps it's worth ringing them.
  5. I'm in the U.S. but when I was looking for a scarf that my local boutiques could not get me, I called every Hermes boutique in the U.S. until I found the scarf. They gladly took my payment info and shipped the scarf.

    I would definitely try giving other Hermes shops in the U.K. a call to see if they have the item you want and if they'd ship it to you, or at the very least, hold it for a couple of days until you can pick it up!
  6. They are around. Have your friendly sa locate one for u.
  7. I'm up here in Scotland as well and the staff at Glasgow are really lovely so defo recommend giving them a quick call as they've sent me a scarf before so would be more than willing to help. Good luck!
  8. Hi - I love the Bastia so much - I'm also in the UK too!

    I would definitely ask the store to phone around if they don't have one themselves. At one point the UK stores only had it in Black, despite the fact that Vert Anis, Orange, Vermillion and Etoupe were on the website too. I desperately wanted a fuschia/rose shocking one. My SA was in the process of doing a Europe wide search for one, when it popped up on the UK website.

    At that point I phoned my SA and said "it's on the website, can you get it for me?". It was no problem. She ordered it, got it straight away and I picked it up the next time I was due for a visit anyway.

    I prefer the boutique experience to the Internet, and I can't be bothered waiting in for it/collecting it from the post office or whatever. My SA said the website often makes mistakes as people keep coming into the boutique with returns of items from the website.

    Definitely phone - let them do the searching for you! ;)
  9. I looking for bastia in any shade of rose/pink. Called the beverlyhills store today and they said it's a seasonal color and may be online some time in the future? Can someone please confirm this, and around what time of the year?