Bastia vs Calvi opinions please?

  1. final.jpg final.jpg A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this and posted extremely helpful photos and uses for Calvi & Bastia. They both have many uses, I have now got a calvi for cards and just added a mini silk coin purse, which I use to hold jewellery for when going to yoga or the spa. I don't really carry coins any more, but it's good for earing & other small items I'd rather not loose. I chose this over a Bastia because of the silk lining. Bastia Is also useful and could be essential component ...:biggrin: to perfect my in-bag, filing system.
  2. Gorgeous! Love the colour!
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  3. Love the color too! And great idea about the Silk ‘n coin purse - I have one that I never really used (I bought it at Sevres because they didn’t have a Bastia, LOL) that I think I will try for a similar purpose.
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  4. Thank you! There are some great suggestions actually on how to use Bastia and Calvi to organise handbags in this thread. If you get a chance please post a photo of yours. Would love to see.... especially the lovely lining.
  5. Gorgeous.
    Could you please share the colours of these pieces.
    I am really becoming a pink lover with all of these lovely photos.
  6. Thank you! Delighted if I can help. The lighter one is rose confetti, (no longer available in uk, but you can still find it in US I think) and the deeper pink is rose azalee ( current colour)
  7. I have both and really like both. It really depends on what you're using them for. I use my Bastia for medication I like to carry with me (IBU, Tylenol, allergy meds) and I use my Calvi for gum but a Bastia would work for that too. The tissue idea is also great.
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    Here are my Bastias, the Silk 'In, and a Zoulou. The Capucine Bastia was a purchase inspired by this very thread for my keys. The Zoulou was a find - it's the only one I have seen - and I had no idea what I would do with it since I don't really "do" coins. A smart TPFer mentioned using one as a travel parking spot for jewelry, and it is absolutely perfect for that.
    IMG_0058 (1).jpg
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  9. Calvi!
  10. I love love love the Calvi. It serves as a wallet for me so I don't need a bulky wallet - holds around 8 credit/ID cards plus extra room. The Bastia I love to hear uses for as I almost never carry cash and never coins at all.
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  11. Thanks LadyS.
    I am a fellow UKer so no chance with the Confetti then sadly.
    I will keep my eyes peeled for Azalee.
    My store doesn’t order much pink so my SA tells me so I will need to be inventive with my search.
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  12. If you travel to the US of you have a trusted friend seek it out. It’s a lovely shade and pops up on the website from time to time too. I will-let you know if I see anything. Which is your london store? PM me if you like.
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