Bastia vs Calvi opinions please?

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  1. final.jpg final.jpg A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this and posted extremely helpful photos and uses for Calvi & Bastia. They both have many uses, I have now got a calvi for cards and just added a mini silk coin purse, which I use to hold jewellery for when going to yoga or the spa. I don't really carry coins any more, but it's good for earing & other small items I'd rather not loose. I chose this over a Bastia because of the silk lining. Bastia Is also useful and could be essential component ...:biggrin: to perfect my in-bag, filing system.
  2. Gorgeous! Love the colour!
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  3. Love the color too! And great idea about the Silk ‘n coin purse - I have one that I never really used (I bought it at Sevres because they didn’t have a Bastia, LOL) that I think I will try for a similar purpose.
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  4. Thank you! There are some great suggestions actually on how to use Bastia and Calvi to organise handbags in this thread. If you get a chance please post a photo of yours. Would love to see.... especially the lovely lining.
  5. Gorgeous.
    Could you please share the colours of these pieces.
    I am really becoming a pink lover with all of these lovely photos.
  6. Thank you! Delighted if I can help. The lighter one is rose confetti, (no longer available in uk, but you can still find it in US I think) and the deeper pink is rose azalee ( current colour)
  7. I have both and really like both. It really depends on what you're using them for. I use my Bastia for medication I like to carry with me (IBU, Tylenol, allergy meds) and I use my Calvi for gum but a Bastia would work for that too. The tissue idea is also great.
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    Here are my Bastias, the Silk 'In, and a Zoulou. The Capucine Bastia was a purchase inspired by this very thread for my keys. The Zoulou was a find - it's the only one I have seen - and I had no idea what I would do with it since I don't really "do" coins. A smart TPFer mentioned using one as a travel parking spot for jewelry, and it is absolutely perfect for that.
    IMG_0058 (1).jpg
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  9. Calvi!
  10. I love love love the Calvi. It serves as a wallet for me so I don't need a bulky wallet - holds around 8 credit/ID cards plus extra room. The Bastia I love to hear uses for as I almost never carry cash and never coins at all.
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  11. Thanks LadyS.
    I am a fellow UKer so no chance with the Confetti then sadly.
    I will keep my eyes peeled for Azalee.
    My store doesn’t order much pink so my SA tells me so I will need to be inventive with my search.
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  12. If you travel to the US of you have a trusted friend seek it out. It’s a lovely shade and pops up on the website from time to time too. I will-let you know if I see anything. Which is your london store? PM me if you like.
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  13. Could I put cards in one side of the Calvi and cash in the other? About how many cards can I fit in one side? Thank you kindly.
  14. Probably not the best way to use one.
    By cash, you mean notes? Coins would fall out too easily.
    It is not a wallet substitute, but you can fold and carry some notes.
    About three/four cards would fit comfortably each side, but you could always force in more.
    If you want to carry more than that, you have to question if it is the right product for you.
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  15. Yes, you can put cards on one side and bank notes on the other. In fact, you can put cards and bank notes together on one side if you like. I have 8 cards of credit card thickness on one side of mine, and about 8 cards of business card / paper thickness with a couple of American bills folded into fourths on the other side, and there is still a little room for more.
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