Bastia vs Calvi opinions please?

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  1. I love the calvi , it fits in a jeans pocket and holds cards and bills....I use my Bastia for tissues.
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  2. Love love love the calvi!!!!!! I had the Bastia, but never used as I rarely have coins.

    But the Calvi, it’s perfect and holds a lot. I never carry a wallet any more! Best purchase!
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  3. What a nice choice of colors you have (on the UK website)! Not so in the US.

    I love the Bastia - I use it for cash, mostly bills folded in half. I use another slot-style card holder for my main credit cards, and the Calvi gets my transit, museum cards, and store cards, etc. A second one is for business cards. I also experimented using a small Atout pouch to do what the Bastia and Calvis do but that didn't work so well for me. I prefer a modular "system" since I change bags often and like to carry as little as possible for outings outside of work.

    I try to avoid coins as much as possible, but that little lip on the flap of the Bastia is genius for getting them out of the larger section to find the right one.
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  4. I love my calvi so much.

    I have like 3 of them now and i use it as a wallet too.

    I don’t have a bastia at the moment for comparison
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  5. I personally prefer to get different colors, that way it’s easier to find whatever I’m looking for inside my bag.
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  6. Thank you. I must say the current colour choices are delectable. What do you use yours for?
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  9. So glad you like it! If post-its had thoughts and feelings :P, I imagine mine saying, "Oh my gosh, I've never had such a luxurious home!" :biggrin:
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  10. Dear God, you talk to the contents of your bag too? I thought it was just me- Yes , I am sure they are the happiest post it notes in the universe.:biggrin:
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  11. :lol: :biggrin:
  12. Thank you everyone who contributed to this and especially to those of you who took the trouble to post photos. Invaluable. I just got a little something and will take photos when its daylight.
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  13. My calvi gets sooo much use, carrying cards and occasionally bills. If I were to carry Euros though, the bastia would be used more than now with US currency. I just pay more with coins in the EU than US.
  14. My reply is too late but lighter colors are far easier to find in certain purses.
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  15. Dying to see.
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