Bassinet vs. Co-Sleeper?

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  1. I was talking to a friend of mine and she recommended i buy a co-sleeper because the mattress of a bassinet is not good. I talked to other friends of mine and they use bassinets. I'm confused which one to get. so, which one would you recommend..a bassinet or a co-sleeper and why?? thanks.
  2. with both of my sons i used a pak-n-play which had the bassinet part. i am buying an actual bassinet [the wood eddie bauer ones] this time around [to save room]. but i figure that she will end up sleeping with us some of the times no matter what.

    now as far as the mattresses not much help. i don't know what the mattress feels like with a co-sleeper.
  3. In the SIDS recommendations they say the co-sleeper (like the arm's reach where baby is in her own space with airflow) is ok but bassinet's are not recommended. I don't know what to go by I just wanted to take all the precautions I could (as i know someone who lost a baby to SIDS) so it is an arm's reach co-sleeper, halo sleep sacks and swaddlers, no bumper pads (only going up for pics lol) firm mattress and fan in room, angel care sounds and movement monitor.
    There are some things I think we get too wrapped up in like what to eat or not but SIDS just scares the crap out of me.
  4. I think everyone has an opinion. I didn't use either. I just use the crib, and of course some times she just sleeps with us. We have a huge bed so it works out. I didn't want to waste the money on either of those because they grow out of them so quickly!
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    i enjoyed having something else for my sons to sleep in sometimes. i like to move around in my bed [it's a queen]. so i would let them fall asleep with us and then transplant them into the bassinet.

    ** im sure we will do the same this time around.
  6. The nice part about the co-sleeper or at least the one I have is it turns into a playpen/travel crib so they do not grow out of it for a long time
  7. My DS uses a crib when we're at home. But I did buy a playpen with all the attachments so that when we go see family, or something he has a place to sleep.
    I did buy a bassinet when he was first born, but I knew that he would grow out of it in a matter of a month or so, so that's why I have the playpen. It's really up to you. My DS only used the bassinet a few times when we were at my Grandmother's and that's it. :yes:
  8. I used a bassinet. We had one with wheels, which was fantastic -- absolutely the best thing about it -- since we could take it from room to room. Wheel it out into the kitchen when we were making dinner, bedroom for a nap, the living room when company came.

    I think ours had mesh inserts in the sides, or mesh sides, so I didn't worry too much about air circulation, but I finally put it in storage, so can't go take a look. For the mattress, ours was actually pretty thin and firm, so I figured that was OK, since you're supposed to always have a firm mattress for a baby. It certainly didn't prevent DS from sleeping.
  9. UGGHH...All those sleepless nights - I don't miss that one bit. It's hard to believe that we went through that almost 5 years ago! Anyway, we had the Pack-N-Play with the bassinet next to our bed. We had every intention of having her sleep there. Unfortunately, colic meant that she would sleep in our bed, on top of my chest to be exact, for about the first 6 months of her life. I was nursing so it was convenient when she woke up to eat and it was the only way any of us would get any sleep. It wasn't until she just got too big (and outgrowing the colic a bit) that we used a little "tough love" and had her sleep in her crib. We had to go through a week of listening to her cry each night before she settled in to her own space.
  10. Thanks guys, i really appreciate the info you guys provided. :smile:
  11. I used the cosleeper every night and for a long time. I used the bassinette like one of those frilly white ones with the wheels when I was downstairs and couldn't make the stairs with my c-section. It was helpfull to be able to move the baby around and push them right up to my bed. then upstairs next to the bed, it was great having the baby right there and easily be able to taker her out to nurse and then put her back. We didn't have the arms reach one for my first but wish we had !
  12. She used a small bassinet for the first few weeks, she's outgrown that now, now she sleeps in the Graco pack and play. I have read up on the SIDS items and I don't know about other brands, but Gracos p&p mattresses are fine, they are not fluffy or actually even that soft. I tightly wrap a blanket around hers and tuck it under the mat. Plus I bought her the Angel pad monitor system.

    The P&P is fine for her, but when I get my own place she will have her own crib, just bc I want to get a convertible one so I won't have to buy a bed every few years.
  13. ^^ I just put a sheet on the play pen mat :yes: So that they don't dribble and spill stuff all over the mat, which isn't really washable :P
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    Have you considered a sleep swing? There are two that I am aware of on the market. We have the Arm's Reach Cocoon Sleeper, but baby won't be here for another 8 weeks so we haven't used it. This is the same company that makes the majority of the co-sleepers on the market now. The reviews and recommendations are both positive for these sleepers. Here are some details on the one we have (

    Beautiful Dreamer™ Cocoon
    Help baby sleep better, with this breakthrough hammock sleeper! It continues the feeling of the womb, so newborns—especially preemies—feel more secure. It cradles baby closely and gently sways in response to baby’s movement. That gentle motion not only soothes but improves digestion, so it’s ideal for fussy babies. And because the back is adjustable, it’s a great solution for little ones with colic or reflux. Naturally stimulates and entertains baby while awake. Facilitates nap time. Physician recommended. Includes mattress pad, deluxe fitted sheet, and soft hanging toys. Imported.


    • Great for all babies but ideal for preemies and fussy babies! Soothes and comforts, while easing stomach aches, gas pains, colic and acid reflux.
    • Adjust the back for baby's comfort. Many moms recline the back for nap time, and incline the back so baby can see the world when awake.
    • Upright, it not only eases gas and reflux, but guards against flattening of the back of the head.
    • Babies learn to control the hammock's sway with their own body movements, which entertains while encouraging physical activity
    • May be moved easily around the house; metal frame disassembles easily for travel
    • Linens are made of cotton, polyester, and hemp organic cotton. Hand wash cool and air dry.
    • 10-minute assembly
    For Newborn up to 23lbs

    The other one that I am aware of is from Amby Baby. Considering this version is twice as expensive, you can find these used on C. List as well as new.

    We got ours via babies r us website with free shipping and I used a coupon as well. I think I paid 122 total.
    NIKON 123a.jpg NIKON 126a.jpg NIKON 128a.jpg