Basset Hound

  1. Has anyone here had Basset Hounds? Particularly interested in your experience with them as puppies! Would just like to hear your training, housebreaking, general stories really! :smile:
  2. Not me, but my friend had one. He named her Paisley. I thought that was soooo cute!
  3. My Ripley is a Beagle/Basset Hound. I got her from a shelter (found on when she was about a year old, so I never knew her as a small puppy. She had been abused and was sooo skinny you could see her ribs. Beagles and Bassets are both stubborn breeds, not easy to train. Ripley and I went through two training classes, and while she still isn't a great listener, she is great dog. The only thing that really drives me crazy is that she is always sticking that wet cold nose on my leg. As for housebreaking, we still have accidents a year and a half later, but nothing like what it was. I went through loads of paper towels for several months.

    I was going to adopt a pure Basset originally, but that fell through when the foster family didn't give her up. When I called that shelter, the woman told me that Bassets are "velcro dogs," i.e., they always want to be right by your side. Ripley is very much like this, unless I am sitting doing something, she is always right there at my feet. Almost shoved me down the stairs once. Has tripped me several times. I wouldn't give her up for the world. :p

    Here's a picture from earlier today:

  4. ^ She's gorgeous! Well like I said, I already have a Beagle so not worried hugely about the training as I've got a really sweet beag (am I the only one who calls them beag's?!) and I'm hoping she'll set her new little sister a good example :yes:
  5. one of my good friends has a basset. he is the sweetest, friendliest, laziest dog. :smile: he wants nothing more than to cuddle on the couch and have his ears rubbed. he's pretty strong willed. he needs very firm correction and consistency to learn anything....and even then he only listens grudgingly. he's also a hound and will track a good fence and supervision is a must. my friend has never quite managed to teach him leash manners....but he doesn't like walks anyway so it's not an issue. i :love: him and he is totally my friend's baby. two thumbs up from me.
  6. YES!!!!! I have 2 Basset Hounds. I raised one while still in college, and got the other one about a year ago.

    They are stubborn. They will take over your life - quickly! And they are NOT the stereotypical, lazy couch potatoes that everyone thinks they are. Case in point - I've had one of mine compete in agility!!

    PM me if you need any more info. They are a tricky breed, and unfortunately, that's why a LOT of them end up in rescues and shelters. But they are so loveable, and comforting.... you won't regret it!
  7. My DH grew up with bassets and now we have beagles (we call them beags sometimes too - more often hounds though)! If you already have a beagle then you know almost everything that people would say are negatives about bassets - the stubbornness and difficulty to train being the biggest things (and as someone else mentioned the biggest reasons both bassets and beagles end up in shelters). But they also have all the houndy good things that you must already know and love with your beagle, too. Just be prepared for MORE of the same - my DH says that while the beagles will stop and sniff something for 30 seconds when we are on a walk, the bassets would stop and do the same for 3 minutes! And there is also the saliva which you wouldn't have experienced with your beagle - and that is actually what led us from the basset to the beagle in the first place. I wouldn't have believed it but then I saw it with my own eyes... when my DH's parents still had bassets there was actually a layer of dried drool all along the bottom of their kitchen cabinets from the bassets shaking and it flying everywhere!
  8. ^^ she's speaking the truth! The drool is another reason why people get frustrated with Bassets. Yes, there's a LOT of drool, but it's controllable, and easy to clean (when you clean it up right when you see it) Before getting a Basset, it's smart to talk to several people, because they are absolutely a high maintenance breed (re: training, grooming, health) -- just like any other breed.
  9. Drool! All the more reason to get a basset mutt! My sweet Ripley does not do the DROOL! And her ears are not so long that they hang in her food!

    Another horrible habit is counter-surfing. Last week I had salmon filets on the counter, ready to go into the pan. The phone rang, I went to go answer it, and when I came back a minute later there was Ripley's tongue on my salmon! :push: Gotta keep your food pushed wayyy back.
  10. Be prepared! Bassets can be very stubborn doggies, and if you don't show them who's boss, they'll do whatever they like. But they are sweet, energetic dogs (at least mine was).