Basketball Wives

  1. me too...i hear she changed 5 times
  2. [​IMG]

  3. I rarely like sweetheart necklines...
  4. Chad's shoes :-s
  5. what kind of disco shoes is he wearing:roflmfao:
  6. ihate to sound mean but most brides even one who are not good looking glow and look nice on the wedding day but eve just looks same old way
  7. WTF with his shoes?!!!
  8. I just noticed, she has bridesmaids behind her, and she said she didn't want them and it was silly.
  9. Evelyn Lozada recently caught up with RadarOnline, and dished on the drama revolving around her wedding night with Chad Ochocinco! The cute couple had a night to remember, especially because the festivities were almost ruined by an earthquake.

    "There was an earthquake on our wedding day!... We were in the Caribbean on the island St. Maartin, I didn’t even think they had earthquakes there," Ev said.

    Held at the Le Chateau des Palmiers beachfront, the couple, and guests alike, were dressed to the nines! The bride dished on the groom's blue suit, and the hint of blue she wore in her Ines Di Santo wedding dress to match.

    As far as how she is liking married life, Ev explains:

    "I am just happy to be able to relax and have life slow down. I was so busy before planning the wedding and filming, it's good to have some downtime finally!"

    Still, she's not ready to slow down enough to have kids. The former Basketball Wives star would like to continue focusing on her career and the family she already has.

    To add to the love, we hear Ochocinco couldn't be happier that he was traded to the Miami Dolphins after being cut from the New England Patriots.

    These two must feel nothing but bliss, and with their reality TV special Ev & Ocho airing on VH1 on September 3rd, it's only about to get better!

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  10. I typically hate them.

    Her dress is fug and to much.

    also, is this a Legal marriage or just 'spiritual'?
  11. You know Internet super sleuths have searched high and low for a marriage license, nothing has surfaced.
  12. Interesting....:thinking::thinking::thinking:
  13. Not looking good for the newlyweds
  14. I just read about this on Twitter. smh!
  15. Allegedly, chad found the receipts! Well damn!