Basketball Wives

  1. yeah, w/Dwight Howard
  2. i can't wait to watch it...

    Shaunie is BAD!!! love her
  3. I don't even know who that is. Well I can see how she lost the baby weight if she ever had any. I am out of the basketballer loop. The only one I had even heard of was Shaq, Walker and Suzie's ex. I think he washed up on the Knicks or Nets one year.
  4. I agree about Royce she was doing too much poppin for me.
    Who is her babydaddy? I like when Gloria's husband told the other ladies at the table not to corrupt his wife that all basketball players cheat, Gloria isn't trying to heard nothing about her husband and groupie.
  5. gloria is in a hard place shes a nba wife but has a sister that the wives call a groupie . i think its ok to be a groupie as long as the nba player is not married or dating someone . like jordans ex wife she was a groupie but he was single so i think its ok for a single girl to go after a single man that she wants . am i wrong? but only if the man is single
  6. while in theory that seems OK. But the NBA is like HS (very close knit) and as a groupie, you will end up 'smashing a homie'. that part, isn't cool because the girl will get called a ho and every other name.
  7. I did like the show!
    Royce....not much you can say about her :-s
  8. I like it! I'm interested in seeing how the rest of the season turns out.
  9. I liked the show, it was fun to watch. Shaunie's my favorite, she seems sweet and genuine. I am definitely not feeling Royce, she has no class whatsoever.
  10. Royce.... :whiteflag:
  11. :-s Oh no! Dwight? I like him. . . I'll have to check this Royce girl out!
  12. i enjoyed the 1st show...definitely looking forward to the rest of the season. there seems to be alot of drink throwing - they'd had me on camera choking one of those girls :roflmfao:
  13. I missed this one too sounds like a must see
  14. Yeah I have to catch this too esp since Im not feeling RHWONY
  15. VH1 says Footballers Wives will be next! This is getting good.