Basketball Wives

  1. I am liking this show especially Shaunce Oneal.
    Anyone else watching?
  2. when!? Where!?
  3. It's on VH1. The next showing will probably be at 11:00 pm central (12 am Eastern).
  4. Thanks for the heads-up! I need to DVR it!
  5. *~*I watched it, and I actually liked it!! Although, there are only one or two women who are "wives"...and Royce...smh!!! She really needs to grow up and carry herself like a lady.*~*
  6. ^^Are the others just girlfriends?
  7. It just came on here so I'll check it out. I am such a "reality" show junkie.
  8. By the time the UK gets this show, the players will be retired :lol:
  9. Royce - wowzers!!! And she wonders why she is not allowed to utter the name of her babydaddy without fear of fine or penalty!!! All that booty and coochie poppin' was more than I could handle. Pretty girl but her actions...not so much

    Gloria - so this is the sister of Gilbert Arenas, who is alleged to have slept with Shaq - SHCOKING!!! and she knows good and hell well that her sister talked to her about sleeping with him, acting like she didn't know! She seems very nieve when it comes to the shortcomings of ballers..
  10. well that is her sisters and sisters come before friends . i do not have a sister but if i did i would not tell any thing

  11. so most of them it says are ex fiancee not wives
  12. Why isn't this show called the Basketball Wife or 2 soon to be ex Basketball Wives and a bunch of baby mommas or in Evelyn's case I Am Neither One.

    Not hating just stating. It was a good show.

    I don't know the backstory of the one whose sister allegedly slept with Shaq. That must be weird though. Because if her man sleeps with a groupie which these guys are prone to do her sister can't exactly empathize since she will have done it herself. Oh well.

    Very interesting life to lead. These women seem very guarded. I sensed unhappiness. The way they make it sound I can see why Doug Christie's wife practically sat on the bench his entire career.
  13. i just set me DVR to record the series.
  14. OH, I totally agree **kinda thinking/writing out loud** - LOL... I guess they are Like NJ Housewives :"thick and thieves"!
  15. Oh Lawd I didn't know Royce had a kid.