1. Hi everyone, I'm trying to build a basic wardrobe. I am a student so I wear a lot of jeans and I have a lot of colorful items in my closest. Sometimes it is very hard to put together outfits So what are some basics that I should have in my closest. I'm trying to make a shopping list to follow because I shop too much on impulse. I buy cute things seperately and never buy outfits.

    I have one pair of black slacks, one pair brown slacks, 1 pair of white slacks, and one pair of brown plaid slacks. I know I need brown and black pumps (it is sad, I have more colorful shoes and nothing plain). So what else am I missing, please help because I'm clueless. Also, where can I find basics that are not quite so expensive on a student budget. Thanks in advance.
  2. zara knitwear is soo good. it lasts ages. iv got 1 black, 1 biege, 1 brown and 1 green v kneck jumper from there and they go with everything.
    also you cant go wrong with plain black or white Tshirts. very simple and the can be dressed up with funky jewellery.
    im cardigan and jacket obsessed right now so an unusual jacket is my suggestion.
    if your starting from scratch stick with plain things, not too mutch pattern and then accessories are a cheap way too cuten up anything.
    Im a student too and it sucks having very little money. GAP is great for basics
  3. Start with simple, plain tops in both neutrals and colors that look good on you, and add gray and beige to your pants collection.

    The tops do not have to be expensive, look for cotton with a bit of spandex, and a little "princessizing" on the sides, tops that are a little bit fitted not only make any figure look better, but they are more versatile, and easy to dress up.

    Try to choose some form of V or scoop neck to give you more accessory options, and also more becoming on most people.

    From there you can go on to add a few jackets, cardigans, hoodies, or all three, depending on the climate you live in, your taste and budget. These should be in colors, especially neutrals, that will go with as many of your tops and pants as possible.

    Your goal is to achieve maximum mix n' match capability, which will give the impression that you own a lot more clothes than you actually do! :smile:

    Next, go over your bling collection and see what you need, in terms of everyday basics, as well as some more festive pieces. Worldbling looks spectacular, comes in well - a world - of variety, and is not expensive.

    Do the same inventory of bags, shoes, scarves, etc and what you need and what can go on to bless somebody else will be apparent as you try them on with different tops and pants.

    You might also want to get a dress or two in either a neutral or a color that makes you look fantastic. Don't automatically go for black. If brown, or gray, or burgundy, even a complete non-neutral like periwinkle or red, really make your best features pop, and black just looks OK, leave the black and get the popper. If you can only get one, look for one that has simple, classic lines, without adornment, and enough coverage to give you flexibility in where you can wear it.

    With bling and accessories, you can make it look like twenty dresses. If you can get two, get one like that, and one that is maybe a little shorter, fits a little more snugly, and shows a little more skin, but still plain. That can be your clubbing dress, and the other one can be your grown-up function dress!

    Now stand in front of a mirror, try on different combinations, and learn about your new wardrobe, and what looks fabulous with what. Try some random and/or unlikely combinations! You will have some real surprises! Things you would never expect to "go" with this or that can turn out to be the perfect choice.

    Also pay attention to what a difference you can make to the look of the same basic top and pants by applying different accessories!
  4. How about trying something by this designer? Unique, well-made, excellent soft fabric - and if I were 30 years younger, I'd order one or more of her shirts in a flash!




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  5. v-neck sweaters are key!
    a great pair of boots is essential as well.
  6. Thanks everyone I appreciate your responses, I'm going to take your suggestions and make a lists for when I shop so I can add basics to my closet to mix and match.