Basic wardrobe?


Feb 24, 2007
I love this section on TPF and my favourite is looking at TPF members closets.

I own three pairs of black pants and I have to admit, that I get very bored of wearing black pants all the time. Some of you own several black pants or several pairs of jeans. Do you ever get bored of the same range of colour of jeans? How do you try to mix your look so that the people who see you almost everyday don't think you are always wearing the same pair of pants all the time, even though you are not?
Ho many of you believe in the very, very basic wardrobe and own a lot of accessories and create a differnet look so that it looks like you are wearing a new outfit?

How many different looks can you create with the basic wardrobe?


Tater Salad
Apr 10, 2007
For me, I've stopped wearing prints and patterns in my clothes completely. I've really been able to maximize my wardrobe that way. I don't have a ton of randomly purchased clothes, only select, nice pieces I KNOW I'll wear in basic colors that work together, and it's great!!
Honestly, though, people don't really notice your "rotation schedule" of clothes very often as you think they do if you wear classic, basic pieces of good quality.


Aug 26, 2007
The Playground
I have really started buying more dresses then pants. I find wearing dresses (besides the dry cleaning and occasional iron) as very simple, basic and easy to wear.

no need to figure out what to match what with whom, just wear the dress, slide on your shoes. maybe jewelry..your handbag and your out the door.

Plus, H&M has some really great dresses at super cheap prices which has really caused me to splurge on shoes.


shallowly obsessing
Sep 30, 2007
My wardrobe is a very basic one. Probably not on purpose but by necessity. I am a preschool teacher/SAHM. So my wardrobe consists of lots of dark denim jeans, cords, cargos and chinos. My tops are equally boring! V-neck tees w/camis or tanks under, hoodies, lightweight sweaters, ribbed turtlenecks.
I would love to vary my wardrobe more! I find it pretty challenging!
I also agree with purses--I love the wardrobe forum!!! I esp. like the What did you wear today thread!! Inspiring!


Sep 21, 2006
I have several pairs of black pants that I wear a lot. For me, the trick is to have pairs in different materials (some or shinier than the others, some are made out of thicker fabric), and in different cuts (bootleg, skinnies etc). I feel that adds diversity to my wardrobe.

But like sparklyseahorse said, I doubt people really notice as much as we think when it comes to "rotating" clothes. I certainly don't pay attention to that with people around me.